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Stargate Atlantis: "InFANity" TV special on SGA, screencaps + notes, part 1/3


InFANity transcript

By Wraithfodder



The following is an abbreviated recap of the 35-minute TV GUIDE Channel show “Infanity,” which profiled Stargate Altantis. Actors interviewed included Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Jason Momoa, Jewel Staite and Amanda Tapping. Over 100 screencaps off an .avi file. Some potential spoiler potential with Ronon and Teal'c tidbits.


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Host LISA JOYNER first did a brief overcap of the show and its history (spinoff from SG-1, etc. etc.).










Jewel Staite says that “a true scifi show has adventure, has a little bit of comedy, and really good relationships between the characters, so I think that’s why Atlantis is TRUE scifi.”



When Joe Flanigan is asked how to ‘succinctly’ sum up Stargate Atlantis for someone who’s never seen it, Joe dryly suggests that people buy the DVD sets and watch them J





Rachel says “the show is about a group of intrepid scientists, teachers, philanthropists, who come to this new galaxy and start exploring the city of Atlantis.” Philanthropists? Rodney? ;)


Jewel Staite adds: “Every episode we’re usually in peril, or some sort of disease outbreak or some kind of fight. It’s never boring.”




Stunt coordinator James Bamford demonstrated stick fighting with Lisa Joyner.



Jason Momoa and Christopher Judge rehearse for the big Ronon-Teal’c knockdown.



What does a Stargate do? Um, uh, debates Joe Flanigan, then grins and says “Oh god, you’re one of those fans, aren’t you? Asking me all of these complicated questions!” he laughs.





David Hewlett gives a nice scientific explanation. He’s really absorbed those scripts!



Jewel, the newbie, says “Under the water, in the Pegasus Galaxy.” BUZZ! Wrong! Well, half wrong.






“We’re in a flying city. The condo prices are terrible,” laments David Hewlett.



The expedition’s mission? While David extrapolates the nice scientific and accurate information (“last defense against the evil alien race”), Joe dumbs it down for us: “Fly around, kill bad guys and get free beer. Get the girl, and then get the free beer.” And who are the Ancients? “Some relatives of mine that just won’t leave my house. They came for a weekend and just won’t leave.”


Jewel knows the Ancients built Atlantis while David says the “coolest people” to hang out with.




The Wraith are dangerous, says Jewel, but “sometimes we need them to fight other enemy races out there,” and she looks slyly around.


Jason explains how the Wraith captured Ronon, tortured him, tracked him for years.



Joe Flanigan says the Wraith look like Marilyn Manson. “I think Marilyn Manson’s pretty cool.” He suggests the singer is needed on the show.




Gawd, David Hewlett is sooo unfriendly…. ;)


MORE at next post!


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