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Stargate Atlantis: "InFANity" TV Special on SGA, screencaps + notes, part 2/3

InFANity TV Special on Stargate Atlantis, with screencaps of Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Jewel Staite, Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrell and Amanda Tapping. Plus memorable quotes from the show.


Amanda Tapping says “I’m like the Kelsey Grammer of scifi. You won’t get rid of me.” She says the character is totally different. “She’s in command for the first time… the rules on Atlantis are a lot more lax.” She explains how she was offered the role and being no fool, took it.



Jewel is new to Stargate fans. She says it’s been nice but felt like the new kid when she came on board. Joe jokes about it on set.




“I think she just feels she has to prove herself,” Jewel says of Keller. “I really like her. She’s a little bit of a romantic, which I think they need.”





David Hewlett explains his “mastery of dialogue.”



Rachel does the “stay tuned” segment.



David rightly says he’s the fastest talking member of the Stargate cast. “They literally have to grease my lips to keep me moving at the speed that I need to.” .. “It’s a dubious honor. No one understand a word that I’m saying.”




“You know like when a big McKay speech is coming up because people’s eyes will sort of just roll back into their heads.” David says he’s actually spent a lot of on the ‘net plus reads the Physics for Dummies and stuff like that. He says the “humor takes the edge off the scifi.”




Lisa Joyner says “If David Hewlett plays the brains of Stargate Atlantis, then Jason Momoa must be the muscle. His character, Ronon Dex, may not talk so fast, but as we’ve all learned from another scifi hero (Chewbacca, below) sometimes actions speak louder than words.”



Lisa Joyne tries to twirl Ronon’s blaster (although this frame makes her horrified or disgusted), which he then tosses off to a stagehand off-screen. She says it’s quite cumbersome but Jason makes it look easy.



A very funny shot from back at Comic Con. Both were mock screaming about something.



Joe Flanigan said the first time they appeared at Comic-Con, only one episode had aired and they had thousands of people packed into the room, asking questions. Amanda Tapping says the fans know more than the actors, asking very precise questions that of course the actors can’t answer, hence, Amanda’s expression of “what??”



Joe Mallozzi said scifi fans are the most loyal fans you could hope for. He said there’s a good “half dozen shockers” the fans have yet to find out about.”



Joe Flanigan does the ‘come back’ segment.






Rachel Luttrell says the sets are fantastic. James Robbins, Production Designer, says he’s responsible for the overall look of the show on many levels. From prosthetics, props, some wardrobe. They have to accomplish it in a very short period of time, and yet the production level is “some of the highest I’ve seen in episodic television.”



Mark Savela, Visual Effects Supervisor, added that it can take a good couple of months to plot out a battle sequence. They showed a clip from ADRIFT in the asteroid field and how they matched live action footage to the CGI footage.



Lisa Joyner called Joe Flanigan “Major John Sheppard”(!)



Joe wanders the set with a coffee.



Joe Flanigan: “I’m essentially getting paid to be eight years old. Yes, and I try to act at least ten on set.”




Joe wanders past Peter Deluise!



Joe talks about last year and when he flew in an F-16, which was “real fun.”



“It pulled nine point one Gs for I believe eight seconds… and I threw up.”



“Sorry, but I threw up.”



When asked if he would play another character on the show, he said “I would play Teyla, because she is pregnant and she just got two months off.’



A full shot of a very pregnant Rachel Luttrell on set.



The Queen of Athos?? Yup, that’s how she was introduced by the host.  “Do you feel like a queen?” Rachel said “I guess I do. I don’t know. I’ve never really thought of her as a queen before. Certainly a leader.”


 Rachel confirms her pregnancy was incorporated the storyline. They were onset to witness her farewell before she went on maternity leave.


Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa and their musical rivalry.



‘Bam Bam’ talks about setting up the big Ronon-Teal’c fight. As stunt coordinator, he’s responsible for safety of cast and crew in certain circumstances, as well as choreograph fight sequences. It’s the older guy fighting the younger guy, etc.



Jason said he did all the stunts in the big fight sequence, and does all that he can except the dangerous stuff (like being flung into a wall). He loves it and says it’s like a dance, really.



Lisa Joyner: It’s a workout.



Chris Judge: Well, it really is and the fact that Jason is in mid-twenties and I’m… I’m not…” he laughs. “Once you get the concept down, then the execution of it is a lot less difficult.”



Bam Bam gives Jason a hug after fight scene shooting is finished. They showed the fight sequence but it was far too fast to cap, but apparently it’s a set fight of sorts. James Bamford said Jason did “perfect.”



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