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Joe Flanigan at Amargeddon Expo - more links to LJs and photos

Listed below the cut are more links and excerpts from wonderful fans who put up their accounts of seeing Joe Flanigan at the Melbourne (and now Auckland) Armageddon Expo conventions. Enjoy!


Argh, Joe Flanigan. Why must you be so unattainable? And make me spend hundreds of bucks simply to get you to scrawl your signature on a picture and pose for a photo with me? Speaking of photos, I was so unspeakably happy to have a photo with him at the expo. [I really should have varied my expression, though. The photographer took two shots, and I didn't realize that we would have both shots, I thought he was being thorough and making sure it was all right. I look exactly the same in all the photos…how boring] It's a bit of a blur, I can't remember exactly what I said and what he said, which is lame. *slaps self* I should have shaken his hand. I saw someone else do it, but then, I can't remember the last time I shook hands and it would feel pretentious.



Recently, I've found great joy in going to Stargate, and more recently "multimedia" conventions/expo's organised by my good friend Scotty, from First Contact Conventions. I was quite depressed until I got into Stargate... I draw my strength from that show and after my first convention. with Rachel Luttrell, David Nykl and Tony Amendola, I noticed a climb in my attitude and emotions. I've met Don S Davis, Carmen Argenziano and Conner Trinneer as well. Great guys that remind me that life doesn;t ahve to hold me back. And most importantly, Joe Flanigan. I've looked up to him for over 3 years now. He was the first person, other than Amanda Tapping (love that girl!) that I've actually admired in my life ever before. It meant a lot to me to meet him this year...


Unfortunately he was running a tad later than the advertised 11am start time for signings, so they let the peeps through who wanted the other celebs’ siggies through first, then they’d have to go back in a second line for Joe when he turned up. Lucky it wasn’t long. I spotted a tall, spiky-haired spunkmeister being led into the signing area and just about lost it! Oh man. This guy is even more gorgeous in real life than on the idiot box! He was sporting a 5-day growth as well, in nice low-rise dark jeans and a checked red shirt, a good two button’s worth undone…SQUEEE!!!And his EYES are amazing; a palish green with browny/hazel centres round the pupil. (and you gotta see this gal’s LJ icon!!)




Joe talked about other jobs that he had had and that acting was the only job that he hadn't been fired from and how he used to be very shy and thought he end up being a hermit writing poetry in a cave. How he thinks its better to see his character fighting to hold back his emotions rather than openly showing them, likes the Wraith better than the Replicators and he did a B Grade version of a wraith. He also said that there was a twist at the end of season 4 about the wraith..about them poisoning the food suply and there being hybrids and i don't think he was talking about the bug people from Vengeance.






Had a nice day today at Armageddon.  This is the third year I've been.  Almost didn't go as the only good guest was Joe Flanigan and I've met him already.  Then when I checked the website at the last minute I found Chris Judge had been added, so I pawned the baby off on my mother and sister, and headed on into town.

And a tidbit of info I've never heard before... Chris Judge shaves his forehead!  Apparently his hairline comes right down to his eyebrows.  To quote him - "I'm one chromosome away from being a knuckle dragger."  In the last couple of seasons he changed his hairline sometimes by several inches to see if anyone noticed, and nobody ever did!  Oh, he also spoke about the Men of Sci-Fi calendar, which is still planned, but sadly Chris is now too busy to shoot it himself.



He misses Torri, he thought she was great and would love to have her back. He mentioned how often producers would kill a character because they (mistakenly) think that it would increase ratings, which it does but only a brief spike before it returns to normal. One fan mentioned how people are boycotting the show since she is gone and he said something to the effect that we should tell the producers how we feel about it, that we are doing it, because he wanted her back. It kind of worked for Paul who does come back this season for a couple of episodes.

(this one contains some spoilers for OUTCAST)



Here's a quick recap of seeing Joe Flanigan at the Auckland Armageddon Expo.
- Instead of arriving on stage the usual way for his talk, he came in through the audience. He said they got lost.
- He's wearing the same damned checkered shirt he wore in Melbourne! I told him during the autographs I hope he'd washed it. *g* He said he didn't, but the hotel did, and that he'd been wearing a bathing suit all week. *swoon*



links to videos of panels

, so here are the links to the armageddon panels that I went to. they are not very clear coz i used my phone camera, but hopefully still watchable. they are all in .3gp, and can be watched on Quicktime. if you know how to change them to .avi, or .wmv and re uploading, that would be awesome. (just remember to credit me, and let me know, so i could re direct people from here :D)
Conner Trinneer (53 minutes long, 30MB): hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/2sc54k
Joe Flanigan part one (23 minutes, 12MB): hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/aej4ao
Joe Flanigan part two (31 minutes, 17MB): hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/58zo2j









Joe Flanigan came out next. He came though the audience area rather than from the side door of the stage, which was really cool! However, unlike Connor, who sat on the sofa for quite some time, Joe almost never sat down on the sofa except once to examine a toy penguin that one of the fans had left on the table.



part 1 of a 2 part LJ entry

1pm and it was time for JOE!! He came in through the audience, rather than from backstage. He got lost backstage someplace. So they came in down the aisle. As you probably know, he wore the red check shirt, though later he told someone (</v:imagedata></v:shape></a>nakedwesley?) while waiting in the autograph line that it HAD been washed since Australia - by hotel people, not him. My husband videoed the whole Joe session, and I've yet to rewatch it. Joe was very animated - wouldn't stand still for a bloody photo. We had good questions and they just kept coming. Ok, I'll watch the video and try to give the gist of the most interesting stuff here. He was cold in the theatre – so were we ALL. It was fricken freezing. He said "they keep it very well refrigerated in here…" He said he'd flown in at 12:30pm that night with his wife</span>



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