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Stargate Atlantis: David Hewlett SciFi Q&A transcript + screencaps

SciFi.com has put up a video Q&A with David Hewlett for Stargate Atlantis. It’s part 1 of 2 and it can be viewed at http://video.scifi.com/player/?id=171903


Below you’ll find a transcript and a whole bunch of screencaps. There are spoilers for the episode TRIO (dialogue and photos) so spoilerphobes, you’re been warned!  ENJOY :)








David gets it straight with the cameraman how to talk to the camera (just like talking directly to a person), then they show a CLIP from LIFELINE and other season 4 episodes of McKay just talking very * fast *.



DAVID: Good question, Archersangel, if that’s your real name (said slyly). Um, I would say Rodney is kind of a neat– there’s definitely a lot of McKay there when I first started playing McKay, but you can’t help bringing a certain amount of your own sort of arrogance and intelligence to the role (coughs).





CLIP of Sheppard tossing Rodney off balcony in season one and Weir admonishing the pair.


CLIP from as yet unaired episode of Sheppard, McKay and Ronon in jumper.


RONON: They’re primitive. We can handle them.

McKAY: Define primitive.

SHEPPARD: Clubs and arrows.

McKAY: Hey, arrows can hurt

RONON: Only if you’re stupid enough to get hit in the ass with one.


then CLIP from SATEDA of Rodney getting arrow shot in his ass with an arrow ;)




DAVID: Mothman Mike. All the other names were taken??






CARTER: Jennifer, Rodney. I’ll meet you at the gate in one hour. (Rodney and Keller turn to Carter)

RODNEY: Uh, I was rather hoping you’d go by yourself and I would--

CARTER: One hour.






DAVID: It’s kind of a love-hate thing I’ve got going for this episode TRIO right now, which was absolute hell to shoot.


CLIP of Rodney, Carter  and Keller walking in field (shades of DUET) saying “suck it up, it’s not that bad.”


DAVID: Which was just kind of fun as it was Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite and me. (CLIP shows Rodney falling through ground as Keller yells for him) In a box, so as a scifi nerd you really can’t beat working with those two legendary beauties of science fiction.


CLIP of Carter lying on ground in hole in ground, Keller kneeling beside her, Rodney standing above them.


McKAY: Seriously, you have like the perfect body. Well, not that you don’t, um, which is to say, it would be impossible for me to choose which of you—

CARTER: Rest assured you’re never going to have to.


DAVID: I would say that is definitely the one that- maybe that’s just the one that’s closest to my heart right now because we just finished shooting it, and I’m so happy it’s over.









CARTER (yells): You’re doing great, Rodney (he’s tugging rope) Just great.

McKAY: No, great is a beach with a fiber optic hookup!* This is complete agony.


DAVID: It’s a weird kind of combination. Sort of, yeah, pleasure and pain, that kind of thing





CLIP from TRIO (at end?) of Rodney and Keller in infirmary.


RODNEY: I’m going to take a bath in whatever medicated ointment they just put on my hands because they are the only things that doesn’t hurt.



DAVID: Thank you, Mothman. Mothman Mike.



CLIP from LIFELINE of Rodney whining in the jumper about imminent death.




DAVID: Ah, Echelon, and your perceived unfair treatment of SG1. I would say what the hell are you doing? We’re all still here. It’s interesting-- SGA, as I like to call it – it works the Canadian ‘eh’ SGA – because of the fact that SG1 is no longer on the air, well it’s still on the air but it’s no longer being shot, other than the movies, you can watch the movies so you’re not missing anything there… the advantage is now we can actually have some of the cast from SG1 which we could never do before while we were shooting concurrently at the Bridge. So now you can enjoy all of your favorite characters on SGA now as well. So I’d say, start watching, idiot (said with smile.)







CLIP is shown from A DOG’S BREAKFAST of Patrick meeting his sister’s fiancé.


DAVID: Abharding. Is that like a lot of exercise? I’ve been using the exercise ball, Abharding, and it’s not working. Well, Abharding, directing’s made me definitely much more aware of all of the other areas. As an actor, you tend to sort of focus on just the fact that you are there speaking lines and that there are other little people whose names you don’t know running around around you. (CLIP of Patrick running around in ADB). And directing’s made me be very, very nice to all those little people running around the camera as well, and made me very aware of them as well, so it’s neat. It’s kind of – I think it helps and it hinders because the fact is you suddenly realize how much more there is out there than just acting.


CLIP from TRIO, Rodney and Keller in infirmary.


RODNEY: I would have figured it out.

KELLER: Yeah, well, eventually chimps would been able to figure it out, but the thing is you didn’t.




DAVID: Good question, Abharding.


CLIP from SATEDA of Beckett treating McKay.




* Thanks to Uber for the translation :)

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