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Stargate Atlantis: Tabula Rasa trailers & caps

Here’s a listing of trailers for “Tabula Rasa,” the sixth Stargate Atlantis episode airing November 2nd on SciFi. They all contain spoilers, of course.


1. MGM: http://stargate.mgm.com/video.php?id=76


2. SciFi: http://video.scifi.com/player/?id=172397


3. Yahoo: Not up yet, but bookmark



4. YouTube: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=LMjLrO2hXyU - the MGM video, although with an introduction by Amanda Tapping 

In the MGM one, you get to see Sheppard in scrubs in the infirmary. Everybody knows what’s happening but can’t stop it, so McKay is frantically making notes to himself (as well as videos) and it seems Teyla is the solution, whereas a now sorta paranoid amnesiac Sheppard is aiming a gun at Ronon on a planet. It’s the best quality of the bunch so far.


Is the TV ad you see on SciFi. As usual, not high quality on the Skiffy site, but did some screencaps (below)


Yahoo isn’t up yet, but hopefully it will be new and different.


YouTube is very similar to the MGM one.


PHOTO CAPS with irreverent commentary…


 Losing your memories also means forgetting where you left your hair care products….

“No, no, I don’t remember anything about kissing someone named Larrin in the last episode, er, mission and losing us a really cool Lantean battlecruiser..”


 Even the protective hazmat suits with no seal at all on the head can keep the virus from getting to them, probably because the head part doesn’t seal to the body…


Sheppard knows that there’s no way in hell he’d have….


 Somebody with that kind of hair, on his team.


 And he was soooo right. (He never sees it coming, you see)


Ronon finds Sheppard just stunning (har har)


 “Oh my head. What a hangover. Was the party good??”


 Rodney’s worst nightmare. No one listens to him.


Infirmary cap from MGM video snatched from the GW whump thread, aw, poor woobie





Amanda Taping introduces the segment found on YouTube.


“The bacteria makes us forget stuff.”


“Um, who are you? Jack?"


 “The bacteria, er, no, Scifi said it was a virus, no wait, it’s a bacteria. Oh darn, I can’t remember.”


“I can’t remember who I am!"

“You are Rodney McKay. My chief lackey and slobbering toady. Now, go fetch me my coffee.”


“Ohmygawd, he’s coding, defibing, seizing or something. Help, doctor, help!”


“Can’t you see I’m busy scheduling a physical?”


Rodney discovers some writing on his arm. "For a good time, call Sam at 555-1212."

Carter receives an annoying talking picture frame from that guy who yells a lot. 

Rodney is griping that the extras are now being populated with hosts from cable shows (yup, that’s Zach Swelyn from G4 in the background as befuddled scientist #2)


It’s revealed in this episode that Rodney is a closet Crackberry addict (aka, one who cannot live without a Blackberry)


Teyla corners her prey.


Rodney: Why the hell is that woman shooting at us?

Carter: I think Jack put out a contract on you. He saw that talking picture frame and he's jealous.
Rodney: Jack? The guy with the weird spiky hair?


And just some gratuitous Sheppard and gun photos.


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