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Stargate Atlantis: Tabula Rasa MGM photos

Was doing some poking around Google's blog search and found an entry for the MGM stills by  lelianamckay about the photos, so went and looked.

27 shots from TABULA RASA, but only one of Sheppard? One of Teyla? The photogs seem very enamored of Keller, Carter and McKay. I don't mind McKay shots, but they're overdoing the shots of the 'new guys.' Wish they'd realize that for three years fans have salivated over Sheppard, etc. Oh well, shall await the gorgeous high def screencaps some fans put up. Just must.... wait.... grrrr ;)

Linka at : http://stargate.mgm.com/stills.php?series_id=2&season=4&episode=6#anch6

And, as usual, their thumbnails are the *perfect* size for LJ icons ;)
Tags: photos, season 4, stargate atlantis
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