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David Hewlett chats with Whoopi Goldberg - October 31st

Wake up with Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg brings to morning radio the energy, the humor, and the fun that has defined her career as one of Hollywood's most recognized talents. Every weekday from 5AM until 9AM, Whoopi & Cubby and the rest of the Wake Up With Whoopi crew will get you out of that bed with a smile, and give you all the news you need to get your day off on the right foot (we may even call you at home if you send us an email). 
Wednesday on the Show-

Roger Bart – Actor talking about his role in Broadway’s “Young Frankenstein &
Denzel’s new movie “American Gangsta”
David Hewitt – Actor, talks about the Sci-fi TV show “Stargate Atlantis” (yup, they spelled his name wrong)
Chris Mathews - of “Hardball” & “The Chris Mathews” show, discuss’ new book “Life's a Campaign”
Concierge Michael Fazio joins us with some great information.

Visit site for more details on where you can listen in your area. They'll stream it live on their site if you can hang around for 4 hours (eek!) I wrote and asked them if they'll have it up afterwards for those of us who have to work.
    -thanks to the awesomehewletts</lj> community for the tip!
UPDATE!  I wrote 'em about spelling David's name wrong, and they corrected it and wrote me back. The audio is saved on  www.whoopi.com for 7 days. They usually have the daily audio uploaded by approximately 1pm each day after the show. You can access that at: http://www.whoopi.com/audio.html  (big thanks to Glenn Baker for his warm and timely response).
UPDATE #2: Go to the second link above, and choose Wednesday, Hour 4, for David's interview. It's very short, and fortunately, right up front on the download.

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