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Stargate Atlantis: Amanda Tapping SciFi Q&A transcript + screencaps, 1/3

Scifi has put up part 1 of Amanda Tapping's Stargate Atlantis Q&A at http://video.scifi.com/player/?id=176788. I've done up a transcript of it and some screencaps off the video. It does contain spoilers for TRIO and THE SEER, both of which have yet to air on SciFi.


Amanda makes faces at camera.







CLIP from TRIO. Rodney has fallen through a hole in the ground. Keller and Carter look into it.

Carter: Rodney? McKay? You all right? We’re going to head back to the gate, try to get some help.

Then both women fall in as ground collapses beneath them.








Amanda: Oooh, PrettySciFigirl, who is my favorite bad guy? You know, I have to go back to Apophis. Because he was my first, and that’s special. You never forget your first. (laughs as they show Teal’c growling ‘Many have said that!’ from “Rising”) But Ba’al. I love, too. The system lords, though, I think were so intriguing because they were so ego-maniacal and so full of themselves. So. I mean so obviously full of faults that they kept throwing them out there, easy chinks in their armor for us to impale, so I loved the system lords. You know, they’re my first. System lords. Gotta love them. They broke me into the whole bad guy thing. (laughs)









CLIP from end of “Letters from Pegasus,” several SG-1 clips and a snippet from “Doppelganger”


Amanda: Well, Squall78, it is very different being on the set of Atlantis. It’s much prettier. It’s more colorful and the windows are nicer. In seriousness, the atmosphere is different. I mean, when you work with people for ten years, you have this sort of camaraderie that is inbred after ten years. It’s hard to replace that so it’s a lot different. It’s still fun. I mean the last episode that I just did with David and Jewel, I laughed my ass off and that felt very much like SG-1. It’s a prettier set, I like it. It’s more upbeat. (giggles)



Photo from “Tabalua Rasa”






CLIPs from SGA’s “McKay and Mrs. Miller” and the pilot of SG-1.


Amanda: I used to stick it to the man… Now I am the man. (laughs) It sucks. I have to be honest. It’s really been difficult. There’s times in scenes where I want to actually pick up the slack when Rodney starts rambling and continue his thoughts for him and I can’t. (clip of Rodney, Jeannie and Carter from “McKay and Mrs. Miller”). I mean, me Amanda wants to do that for David but Carter also likes to do it for Rodney and she can’t. She actually - Her leadership style is very much sit back and let her people shine, so it’s a huge transition for her. It’s HUGE. Huge difference. And it’s kind of frustrating. Carter finds it frustrating, and I find it frustrating, a little bit. But you know, I’m also the man, so (whispers) the man, you know not a ‘man man’, gender man, the man.








CLIP from “Seer”

Carter to Sheppard: In the meantime, it’s important we get through these interviews as smoothly as possible and not create any waves.”




CLIP from “Grace Under Pressure” of McKay and Carter kissing.


Amanda: Wow Echelon, how’s it been? It’s an absolute gift. I’m not even going to try to be funny about this one. It has been an absolute gift. I’m so grateful, and I—every time I start to feel a bit, oh the hours are long, grrr, I smack myself in the head – literally, and hard – because this has been an absolute gift and I don’t have any other transferable skills, although right now I’m pretty good at renovating but if I weren’t an actor, I think I probably would have gone into medicine. I would have liked to have been like a Doctors without Borders or a photojournalist. Or a marine biologist. Maybe a vet. A farmer. I’d like to have been a farmer. Doctor. Scientist. Farmer. Journalist. Photo guy. (giggles)





Visual shot from “The Seer” ?















Looking up at two boys looking down at them in hole.


Rodney: You will tell them we need help or so help me!

Carter: Do you need something?



McKay: Maybe if you show them your, uh… (hinting at her breasts)

Carter (affronted): Excuse me?

McKay: I was once a ten-year-old boy too. I know what gets their attention.

Carter: McKay.

McKay: Do you want to get out of here or not?






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