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Stargate Atlantis #406 - Tabula Rasa (SPOILER review)

 My review of Stargate Atlantis's "Tabula Rasa" episode under the cut, spoiler ridden.


A review


And it’ll be all over the place, as I’m tired (long day – saw Paul McGillion at the NJ SG con and he’s such a sweetheart)


It was really nice that few spoilers were really out on this. I think it made a difference J


Anyway, great episode and I had fun throughout.


I loved that we got to see another side to the Katie Brown-Rodney McKay relationship, and that he’s not a total dork around women, and IS interested in her and not Sam. However, I thought for a few seconds at the end that, oh god, they KILLED her but fortunately no. However, who knows, she might bite the dust later on, or they might break up. And she named a lowly ugly cactus after Rodney ;)  And just Rodney’s expression when she couldn’t remember him, and worrying about her. Aw……..


I didn’t mind the present/back xx hours format as it worked with this episode. Never saw “Saw” (some folks said Rodney tied to a chair was like “Saw” and I’m like, uh, hello? People have been tied to chairs for over a century in movies. Heck, old B&W gangster films were riddled with that stuff) Never saw “Memento” either but again, the amnesia storylines go back to the old B&W days. And writing on arms, is, um, gee, I’ve seen it elsewhere too. Oh wait, school J  But if a recycled plot is done well, copying can be forgiven ;)


Both Carter and Keller did well in this episode, although a raspberry to SciFi for advertising it as a ‘virus’ when Keller specifically says in the episode it was a virus. Gah, don’t the marketing folk know the difference? No no no, they don’t. Anyway, while Carter’s outfit was more casual, it was a lot more flattering than her green outfit that she usually wears. However, I think it’s far more zipped down lower than Weir ever did (except when she fell under Lucius’ spell) and not entirely professional. I suspect that’s all to attract the fanboys ;)


And Keller. Well, this is a writing flaw. She gave up far too quickly on the defib on the patient, but at least she did it right in this episode. And she’s maturing and becoming more confident overall. I always quibble over that, but otherwise, she did good in the medical department.


The disease reminded me of, er, what is it? Mumps or chicken pox? Harmless to kids, dangerous to adults? Anybody notice how most of the captive folk were scientists?? Unless all the military folk were popping speed. Oh dear…it’s nice to see that it was a local remedy that saved the day, as using earth-based antibiotics for Pegasus galaxy-bugs is iffy.


Sheppard - . He was great in this episode. Demonstrated his smarts by doing that Polaroid snapshot thing (they’ve got Polaroids on Atlantis??? – probably borrowed the camera from the set dressers) And then when Lorne asks Sheppard what to do, he simply hands over all control to Ronon, who does know what he’s doing. I liked the trust between the two men that even transcended the memory loss. And being disoriented over the jumper, or why they were on the mainland (not that he even knew where he was). Ah, great stuff, plus getting stunned, escaping, etc.


Rodney – betting on who will lose their memory first. Priceless. And he organized a jailbreak? Worrying over Katie (awwwing over that elsewhere in this entry). Writing all over his arms. Heh. He’ll have a fit when he realizes Sharpie markers don’t come off that easily ;) 


Zelenka – brilliant. His paranoid behavior wasn’t really surprising. He comes from a country that had communist rule once. He may not have lived under, but he know had relatives who did, and knows the history far too well. So, combine that with memory loss and feelings that if the soldiers come to take you away for your own good, well, grab a steel rod and defend yourself. It’s ALWAYS the quiet ones ;) He was great in this episode.


Ronon – yes, they gave him smarts (and dialogue!) too! And exasperation when dealing with Sheppard who’s probably going “what was that again??” for the fiftieth time ;) I just really enjoyed that he got more to do, demonstrated tactical skills, etc. and wasn’t just left to shoot up wraith, etc.


Teyla – didn’t get a ton of screen time, but liked what I did see. Providing information, providing support to Rodney while his brain fizzles out. Great fight scene with Lorne and his men, and gee, they locked her up in the wraith cell. How… nice. Both she and Ronon work nicely in tandem, especially when they have to remind the Earth folk of what they’ve forgotten. And her looks of exasperation when she asks Rodney if he finished his work and he’s like “huh? What?” Ah, she’s got the patience of a saint (which looks like it evaporates in next week’s episode MISSING) However, this proves she’s definitely a good back-up leader.


Lorne – loved him, although he’s going to crash hard after taking so many pills, which is really pretty dangerous as I’m sure after a while they probably forgot if they took them or not! Sounded like he was getting paranoid from the pills. And he stuns so well, too J


Questions: just how many people died?


Quite enjoyed the Sheppard-Ronon banter/scenes. How they worked together, how Ronon assured Sheppard that the pilot could fly the jumper, and how he stunned him (well, otherwise it would have been question after question and Ronon looked exasperated, and I just loved how Sheppard melted to the ground, and hey that hair does have a function – for Dex to grab!) and wow, the jumper and surrounding area looked like a packrat of irate squirrels trashed the place. While Sheppard may have lost his memories, he sure didn’t forget how to get out of ropes. That was a great scene, Ronon convincing Shep to hand over his weapon, especially when he spoke of their friendship. And Ronon's line after shooting Sheppard: "Never gets old." BWAHAHHAHA!


The scene with Radek, Rodney and Carter in the infirmary, who were busy searching – but not for them but for more drugs! That was funny. I think


Snort. Teyla saying all they have to do is hope Shep and Ronon completed their part of the mission and Radek, Rodney and Carter look around and go “Who?”


Liked the last scene, as Shep looked suitably whumped, as well as his concerned look when Teyla mentioned the death and then he instantly looks to the side for McKay (probably think, oh god, Rodney’s dead – and I’m sure we’ll get some good fanfic out of this). Segue to Rodney with his head down on Kate’s bed and oh no, she’s dead, but fortunately not. And that aw look on his face when Katie remembers who he is. Aw………..


I enjoyed this episode. Drama, suspense, some comedy, etc. and no glaring plotholes that I can recall. And the fact that even when stripped of episodic memories, the characters all retained what was integral to them, and what, well, makes them who they are.


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