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Eureka - Stargate SG-1 "200th episode" ad

Okay, although I do watch EUREKA cuz it's fun, they had a commercial for the 200th episode of Stargate SG-1. Details below, full of spoilers, so press on link only if you want to know....

Okay, it was very brief, looks dramatic, but I think it's also deceptive to a degree as because spoilers (from the writers themselves) hint about puppets, man-eating zombies (guess that will draw in the horror audience) and other silliness.

Narrator: On August 18th, SG1 will take you over the edge and make television history. The 200th episode

Chris Judge: It's really a love letter to the fans

Amanda Tapping: The 200th episode has EVERYTHING

Narrator: Don't miss the unforgettable 200th episode of SG1 August 18th, and an all new SG1 every Friday on Scifi.

Rundown of clips:

Ring transport

Wormhole effect

Drone weapons and ship headed toward planet

Mitchell ducking aside as someone comes up behind him, segue to him firing weapon at zombies in corridor

Walter being attacked by zombie in gateroom control room

clip of RDA from older episode, then same from older episode

Promo shot of cast and main production crew posing at 200th anniversary party, which segues to shot from further away showing gate and press

Control room - something explodes in gateroom, Walter and Carter, then closeup of both as they watch sparks arc

O'Neill in dress blues waving hand, then a closeup

Startled shot of Sam, Vala, Daniel, Teal'c and Cameron looking up

[then soundbyte with Chris Judge]

Another clip of explosion in gateroom, you hear Sam saying "I can't shut it down!"

Landry on phone "Evacuate the base immediately"

Someone flung in explosion in gateroom

Cheyenne Mountain from outside - exploding!

Vala kicking at gold boots of someone underneath a house, then looks up (definite Wizard of Oz)

Mitchell coming through door in new outfit (gray and red ala Star Trek)

[sound byte with Amanda Tapping]

SOmeone is thrown through glass door window and then we see Teal'c in Fedora and earth clothes (private detective spoof?)


Definite Trek ripoff: MItchell as captain in grey uniform while behind him is Teal'c in similar uniform but his shirt appears undone. Mitchell goes "Warp speed."

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