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Stargate Atlantis: MISSING review (SPOILERS)

My spoiler ridden review of Stargate Atlantis' episode MISSING


I’m just typing this as I watch, so it’s go-with-the-flow type of review:



Aw, Sheppard sending the kids off to play. Little does he know…


We get to learn that Teyla’s got a ‘hot date.’ Okay, makes sense considering what spoilers give away about Teyla (and well, which covers the actress’ ‘delicate condition’)




The camp’s in ruins, there are no body parts, but there are some skanky looking dudes rummaging around and Teyla is scared enough to say they must leave. Alas, nobody brought weapons cuz well, the Athosians are family. Hm, the Bola Kai, new bad guys in town, are “beyond dangerous.” In just looking at ‘em I’d think their body odor might kill at 20 paces.


This is a basic survive from the bad guys scenario, but for a change, it’s from the female perspective, and we get an interesting insight into Teyla’s attachment to her people, instead of just screaming women running around the woods. Oh wait, that’s Saturday on SciFi. Excuse me ;)


Okay, Keller alas does come across a bit WHINY at times. I meant, she really did whine. Would you like some cheese with that? ;)


I loved seeing Teyla beat the crap – and blood – out of the Bola Kai. Cannibals? Eeuuuuuuuuu.  From a strategic point of view, it didn’t surprise me that Teyla killed the one Bola Kai by crushing his windpipe.. He would go back and rally the troops and then the two women would end up in a stew pot. She’s broken a Wraith’s neck before so…. not taking prisoners makes sense, especially considering what they’d do with the prisoners.


However, it was interesting to see Teyla willingly leave the injured man behind because he was not one of her own kind. (My mind is screaming, he’s bait! He’s a plant! He’s gonna be trouble!)


Dinner, which moves like a mole on speed under the dirt, looked like an octopus! And Keller isn’t into sushi. “My least favorite part of SURVIVOR,” moans Keller (or words to that effect).


Ah, see, the injured guy was a Genii. Knew the guy was bad news! I suspect he could end up in the Bola Kai buffet. But the Athosians are all toast? Culled by the Wraith?? No, say it ain’t so!




Ah, Teyla’s boyfriend is Kanan, an Athosian, which helps explains her reaction to the missing Athosians.


The Bola Kai must die. They are stealing lollipops meant for children! Scum! And Teyla has set a bear trap? Whoa….


Back at the ranch. Sheppard and Rodney are playing movie trivia while Ronon is more concerned about Teyla, and totally confused by the banter. They’re not sharing their DVDs, the bad boys.


We find out that Keller had no idea what she was getting into when she signed on, but then most probably did.


Poor Teyla. Didn’t think she’s win a fight against that pack. They’re gonna be in the stewpot before Act III ends…




Dad’s worried the kids haven’t called in (aka Shep and the guys are concerned that Teyla isn’t answering). Alas, Teyla is tied up at the moment (literally)…. So to while away the time, we get some backstory on Keller (Wisconsinite, her mom died and only has her father left.). So, being from Wisconsin, don’t want to hear one whine out of her about cold temperatures ;)


Obligatory interrogation scene and why did Teyla not look like roadkill after all those blows?


The calvary arrives via the safety of the puddlejumper. The arrow conversation in the jumper still slays me – “only if you’re stupid enough to get hit in the ass with one,” Ronon barbs at Rodney, who must wince in memory of having been shot in the ass. I know, bad pun, but that’s my mood tonight.


Interesting that the (maybe) Genii rescues Teyla and Keller. That is, until I saw her still tied up and figured,  okay, she’s gonna have a headache very soon, and yup, the Genii is the bad guy. I knew it! Should have left him for Bola Kai lunch. Alas, saw a clip on MGM so know what happens next, but can’t wait to see the full scene.




Ooh, the not-Genii is a wraith worshipper or something equally as bad and the Athosians aren’t dead but the guy isn’t talking and is willing to kill Teyla to get his information, but Keller actually gets in a fight to save Teyla. Yes, this is where she shoots the guy in the leg. Being a doctor, she knows where to shoot. Oh, he so deserved to get shot.


The calvary arrives, shoots up the bad guys who appropriately scatter at the sign of more advanced weaponry. But not far enough as Rodney screams “Not arrows!” when the Bola Kai launch another attack, but they quickly get away as well, we know they will, but it seemed awful quick.


Anyway, back at the infirmary….  I’m sorry, but Teyla was KNOCKED out, unconscious. That screams concussion. ARGH! And Keller says she didn’t have one? Bad writers. But (insert dramatic tone in music), Keller must talk to Teyla about her test results.. Oh oh. Well, unless you’re been living under a rock, or avoiding all spoilers, you know what the test result will reveal (and it’s not the heartbreak of psoriasis).





Are the Bola Kai that bad an aim, that their axes and weapons always hit trees and not their targets? Or do they just like to torment their victims? And they’re not much better with arrows – fortunately.


Who was minding the store? Took till the episode was over that  I realized, oh yeah, Carter wasn’t there, but it always takes till I go back to edit out ads that I notice this. But I really thought when Sheppard is seeing off the gals that it should have been Weir up there…


So people can now just skip out and go home for a little R&R? While I did like that part with Keller, I just liked it when the city wasn’t THAT connected to Earth. Geez, what’s to stop Rodney from going back to Earth for pizza?


Question: Do the writers have some kind of deal with the pharmaceutical companies? Two weeks ago we had Ambien, and now Keller’s talking Restless Leg Syndrome. I feel like I’m trapped watching TV ads for drugs (which yes, we in the US must endure every time we turn on the tube. Let’s hope they don’t mention Cialis on the show * cough *)





It was okay. Not as good as past season 4 episodes. The biggest plus was getting more insight into Teyla. I won’t say Keller, because as the writers often do in this franchise, they push the backstory on the ‘shiny new’ characters right off the bat so it’s sorta expected.


However, there was a bit of predictability and the villains, well, damn, I’m sure I”ve seen them before on some other bad scifi flick.


Keller: Despite my dislike of whiny Keller at the beginning, she improved and grew until at the end, she proved herself by shooting the bad guy. I did feel like grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her early on in the show, but then she did say she was nervous. Her doctoring skills, I should think, must be exceptional for them to have taken her into the expedition as sending anybody to another galaxy means danger. I’m sorta surprised they have no surgeons/doctors who have had battlefield experience, which is sorta what you need what with folks getting shot/blown up, etc. However, they sent nurses into Vietnam with absolutely no experience at all, so maybe Keller’s situation is akin to Vietnam nurses. Gotta get baptized in fire somewhere, I suppose.


We did get to see a darker side of Teyla, and it wasn’t any hormonal shift causing it, but the reaction of someone finding ALL of her loved ones gone – no to mention Kanan, who she’s known since she’s been a child and knows a LOT better than other Athosians (but that’s next week).  Then at first believing they were all culled by the Wraith (which would account for everyone gone). Don’t think they can be much worse than that. But it seems the writers will at least address the missing Athosians in a future episode but I hope they don’t drop the ball. True, we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we should, but it’s nice that Teyla had family to fall back on, and now with what has happened to her (without giving away test results), she would need her Athosian family even more.


I liked the Batman banter between Rodney and McKay, and poor Ronon’s confusion over it. We really need a scene with Teyla and Ronon talking about something local to the Pegasus Galaxy that would leave Shep and Rodney going “huh?”


But overall, not an episode I’d watch over and over again, and not just because it was the gals and not the guys (who yes, I’m more partial to), but I like team stories a lot more.


Still thinking about it, but forgot to post this last night and now must catch a train (yup, going into the city to see Kate Hewlett’s play!)

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