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The Man from UNCLE DVD set and the new STAR TREK film

Tripped over this by accident. Robert Vaughn talks about the MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. DVD set at http://www.bullz-eye.com/television/interviews/2007/robert_vaughn.htm. Neat interview.

Then I read on SciFi that Winona Ryder is gonna be Spock's mom on the new Star Trek film? Huh??? I wasn't even going to bother with the movie until Paul McGillion's name came up in casting, then I was like "yes!" and then he was gone and I was back to "eh, if there's nothing else to do...."  But the casting is weird. Why are they casting Chekov if this movie is in the Academy years? Woudln't Chekov had been a kid? And sorry, but Winona Ryder is no Jane Wyman. She can be a good actress but Spock's mom...?  I liked that Bruce Greenwood joined the cast as Christopher Pike, but still, sounds like a movie I'd catch on a cheap matinee as I suspect it will have little resemblance to the original show.

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