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Stargate Atlantis: "The Seer" Spoiler photos + irreverant dialogue

Stargate Atlantis' eighth (right?) episode, THE SEER, airs this coming Friday. Promo shots are out from MGM and I capped a few from Skiffy's promo teaser, which is online and also shows as a TV ad. Photos DO contain spoilers for episode.

Now, everybody knows about the writer's strike. This is what would happen if we lose the writers.

SEER: the new version (you have been warned - totally irreverant and PG-13 rated, I suppose). Emphasis on Sheppard and McKay, insanity natch.

Sheppard: Okay, that Seer guy is warning me about.... er, oh... Scoooby, Scooby, Scoooby-do. What was he talking about?

Sheppard: Oh, something about-
McKay: Yes, wraith attack! Now We're all going to die horribly! And I haven't even gotten to first base with Katie yet!

Segue to next scene and we have no idea how they escaped but do we really care? That's just useless details.

Sheppard: OKay, Rodney said something about drones...

Sheppard: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Meanwhile, in the lab, Rodney doesn't have his mind on saving the city from imminent annihilation from some hideous new enemy (rumor is telemarketers now have Atlantis' gate address and plan to launch a spam attack).

McKay: My god, that Wraith has a hot ass!

Wraith: Were you staring at my ass?
McKay: No-no-no, um, just admiring your, uh, handcuff things.

Wraith: My ass is very firm and these cuffs are fur-lined. Meet me in my cell later tonight.
McKay: Uh... (gulps)

Yes, see, writers go on strike and this is the horror that results ;)

You can see more photos at http://www.mgm.com/stargate - click on PHOTOS

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