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Stargate Atlantis: THE SEER spoiler caps

YahooTV put up a new spoiler video for Stargate Atlantis #408 - THE SEER - which is a scene in a conference. I capped a few shots from it as it was nice and sharp (unlike Skiffy's videos).  About a dozen shots. And bad dialogue ;)

Carter knows something is up when Woolsey isn't interested in the latest news on the Wraith-Asuran war, and passed up on her homemade brownies. She knows they're good as Ronon ate them all.

Woolsey wants to know where Carter was last week, when Teyla and Keller nearly ended up the main course at the Bola Kai buffet on New Athos, while Sheppard and McKay were running a betting pool on BATMAN guest stars. Zelenka ratted them out.

Carter tries to explain she was, er, um, back on Earth, yeah, there, doing military type stuff, but she keeps averting her eyes from the hunky Satedan who keeps flexing his biceps in the background.

Since Woolsey was on Earth, her alibi isn't cutting it. Woolsey is thinking that he should create a blog about Atlantis on the web. He thinks he could make a killing in advertising dollars selling it as fiction.

Sheppard denies running a betting pool on BATMAN. The betting pool was about BATGIRL but neither he nor McKay can remember the actress who played her.

It was Yvonne, er, Yvonne DeCarlo? No wait, that was Lily Munster.

Woolsey sees his report back to the SGC is going to be painful to write.

Sheppard lamely says that they're just trying to assimilate Ronon into Earth culture and TV pop culture is important. They can, uh, use TV terminology on their missions to confuse the bad guys, like saying "beam me up."

Teyla thinks that both McKay and Sheppard need to be dumped on the mainland in a secluded area for 10 days without weapons, food or technology so that they can mature a bit. Let's see if their "Batgirl" can help them then.

Carter's thinking the idea is fine, as then she can perhaps help Ronon 'assimilate' into Earth culture *cough cough*

Rodney knew he should have taken up Katie's request to plant-sit the hideous cactus thing she brought back from the mainland, cuz he's sure Sheppard's going to volunteer the whole team for some mission that will go horribly wrong.

Eh, couldn't help but write my own dialogue ;)

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