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Joe Flanigan at Walter Reed Hospital Benefit


This article is all a gala affair that was held to honor the Iraq and Afghanistan wounded who reside at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Here is the relevant excerpt:

....One man in a wheel chair was not an Iraq war veteran. John Kousi is President of the Eastwind Shipping Co., of New York and got his disabling injuries in an Aspen skiing accident, but he feels a kindred spirit with the wounded warriors and plans to volunteer his time to give them comfort. Kousi was there with his daughters and son-in-law Joe Flanigan, star of the SciFi hit “Stargate: Atlantis.” Flanigan, who has played Lt. Col John Sheppard on more than 70 episodes of the show, will volunteer some of his time at Walter Reed, also.  

REST AT LINK ABOVE, plus a photo of Joe Flanigan and his father in law, which is below.

--thanks to Kath at JoeFlaniganOnline@yahoogroups.com for the tip

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