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Stargate Atlantis: Jason Momoa SciFi Q&A Transcript + Caps, 2/2

 SciFi has put up part 2 of Jason Momoa’s video Q&A at http://video.scifi.com/player/?id=185026. Below the cut is a transcript and screencaps. Alas, the quality of the video still sucks  and it was dark, so not a ton of pictures. It’s also a short interview if compared to others, but hey, I’m happy as he answered three out of the four questions I asked!


SciFi Video Q&A

Part 2 of 2



CLIP from “Sateda” of Ronon being held captive by big nasty Wraith.



Wraithfodder: Is it true you’ve been an art lover and painter since childhood?


Jason: Yes, I’ve been doing art since I was a baby, um, both of my parents were art majors and I was raised in a very creative atmosphere so I do think you need to do that. As far as now, I haven’t done any art, which is disappointing because I think that really is at the heart of me, like one of my major things, but these days just trying to write in the spare time that we have because we work so hard and long hours, but… in my hiatus, yeah, I’d like to continue to do some more writing, and hopefully do some art but I’ve always got my eye out and tons of ideas, just haven’t put anything together this year. Hopefully soon.





CLIP from “Sateda” right before Melora gets blown up.



MothmanMike: Will you be starring in the new Stargate movie?


Jason: Uh, Mothman, I’m not going to be in the STARGATE movie. Sorry, buddy. (clip of Teal’c saying “I am pleased to hear that” as he has lunch with Ronon). Maybe the next ones, if there are going to be more.

CLIP from “Sateda” of Ronon shooting Wraith.



Wraithfodder: Any interest in writing or directing future episodes of Atlantis?


Jason: I mean, it would be great. I don’t think we’re allowed to really direct. I mean we’ve got a great bunch of directors so personally, for me, I wouldn’t want to direct a show. Being a part of a collaborative story would be fantastic. I think if you get ideas and our writers are great… you go in and talk to [them about] storylines that. you’ve been thinking about. They’ve done so many episodes, they’ve done everything, so I think to come in there with a new idea is, you know, pretty rare, I think just to be part of the story would be fantastic.




 Clip from “Sateda” of Ronon taunting Wraith, then from “Runner” of Ronon and Ford fighting, segue to McKay hanging upside down



Wraithfodder: How do you pass your down time when filming?


Jason: Play guitar. I picked up a guitar. It’s been about a year and a couple months now and it was a dream I always wanted to do and I kind of did it for this movie I wrote. I just needed it for the character to play the blues and I learned how to play slide guitar and then I just - it just started getting easier and just became obsessed with it, and I got a whole museum of ‘em, I just play, play, play. Damn, Wraithfodder, you got some questions!


CLIP from “Sateda” of Ronon holding knife to his own throat.



Blue102983: What is one thing you’d change about your character?


Jason: Blue one oh two niner six four. I, um, One thing I would change about my character. I just guess making him a little more lighthearted, laughing and have more fun. (clip from “Sateda” of Sheppard asking Ronon if anything is wrong) Also, to say against that, it’s fun being the strong, silent type so I don’t know.






CLIP from “Sateda” in jumper with Ronon, McKay and Beckett, and Ronon passing out.

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