wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Cell phones will kill ya

Well, 'experts' say they won't, but somewhere down the road the brain damage will show.

Beside the fact that people yakking on phones while driving show the same mental capability of someone who's drunk, the authorities still let people talk on phones. Every day I see people shoot red lights, stop signs, etc. while yakking blithely on phones.

But the latest story is a no-brainer. Cell phones breed germs. Who hasn't seen someone place a cellphone down on a counter in the bathroom at work (or worse, heard someone talking in the stall on the cell phone, I mean, REALLY, can't these people stop yakkng for ANYthing??). But studies show that germs love cellphones. No different than the average phone. I see people at work sneeze into phones all the time, and if they borrow mine, I clean it with alcohol. Who needs that gross stuff?

I'm sure iPODS are just as bad if not worse ;)
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