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Stargate Atlantis #408 - The Seer (spoiler review)

Below, my review of THE SEER, the latest episode of Stargate Atlantis. Spoilers!



Episode #408


It was okay/good, but not great, which seems to be a pattern. There was a lot of potential to reach for more, but the writers did not grab it. Sorta like settling for silver when they should have gone for the gold.



Just gonna bullet stuff:


(+)  For once, a young female guest star (Davro’s daughter) who didn’t go after Sheppard  (or McKay) or vice versa, and I suspect that all aging/soon-to-die elder village guys all have daughters. (Note: seems to be a pattern in the SG universe.)


(+) Rodney getting the handshake as he was the skeptic. Wonder if that vision gave him nightmares later on? And I must admit when they went past the moss-covered vines, I expected to see Mulder and Scully lurking about those woods.


(+) Rodney and Sheppard making poker comparisons to predicting the future during walk in woods. And Sheppard having brought along two cloaked jumpers. Good thinking. And loved his ‘oh well” kind of shrug.


(+) Sheppard’s & Ronon’s visit to the Wraith in the cell. It’s interesting to see John’s reactions to the Wraith; he definitely meant ‘all bets are off’ if they should meet again. And the wraith’s vulnerability – mentioning the ‘food supply.’ It makes sense that the Asurans, who are robots for all intent and purposes, would have no emotions, no religion, etc. so eradicating a food supply is no different to them than spraying pesticides on bugs devouring a crop.


(+) Sheppard and Rodney discussing the mess they made with the replicator code. Rodney is feeling some guilt (duh, 150,000 people dead cuz he changed a code) but Sheppard’s accepting it as a mistake they made which they now have to rectify. Did enjoy Shep’s “I think it’s not your call” in response to Woolsey’s question. THIS was the best scene in the episode, in my opinion, when we saw the team facing consequences of a previous action and well, just Shep and McKay talking.


(+) Sheppard’s comments on his relationships with the wraith: “It’s not like we’re dating.” HA! Yes, this episode had some nice snarky dialogue like that.


(+) The Wraith being very sneaky in setting up the transmitter (perhaps NOW they’ll put a dampening field in that cell??), holding back vital parts of the computer virus, etc. I mean, as much as I like the actor and that the Wraith did honor saving Shep in “Common Ground,” he IS a wraith and people ARE his lunch. It’s like keeping a great white for a pet and not expecting it to chomp off your arm when you sprinkle the fish food in the tank ;)


(+) The Wraith offering to shake hands, “Just a little wraith humor.” Snort.


(+) Okay, Ronon didn’t get to do much but he’s very good at threatening wraith.


(~) Shep and Carter definitely have a different dynamic than Weir and Shep. Pure military, while Weir always looked for a less military (aka violent) solution.





At what point is Rodney going to insensitively comment to Teyla that she should lay off the bagels as she’s getting fat? I mean, they’re hiding Teyla behind laptop screens strategically placed between the actress and the camera. And hmm, I wonder why it is complicated for Teyla to tell everybody of her condition?


Surprised no one mentioned all the photos on Sam’s desk. Boy, she brought more to Atlantis than anyone else! (if you look at offices).  Think I saw Cassie’s picture, Jack, the rest, hard to tell. I can just see all these steamer trunks coming through with photos, pots, bonsai plants….


Someone else brought this up: this isn’t Sam’s first experience with prophecies (er, Jonas in “Prophecy”) so it seems the writers sorta dropped the ball on this then, but I’m not sure as I really didn’t care for most of season six so don’t remember much about that SG1 except Jonas had a brain tumor.


Is Davos trying out for the Pegasus Galaxy rodeo? Massive belt buckle he’s got ;) No wait, oh no, it’s from the WWE! Yes, a subliminal message to watch the WWE on SciFi! Nooooooooooooooooo…..


Please, God, get Carter a new uniform or resize it or something. I’m not being catty or nasty but it does NOT flatter her. It’s too tight in the wrong spots and she does not have a flat stomach like those anorexic size subzero models. Pulls too much at the waist in the back…


How did Keller diagnosis lymphatic cancer by just looking at Davos as she said she need more equipment to make a diagnosis?


Carter never did tell Keller if they were bringing Davos to Atlantis to save him or study him, and it seemed she didn’t answer because she didn’t want to say anything in front of Woolsey. It did get covered later – important information we might be able to utilize, etc. but it showed her indecision as a commander being unable to answer that question. Not sure if that’s good or bad, as this episode was the sorta ‘toss Carter into the fray and see how she does’ type plot so … no big deal. I don’t want to see her as perfect.


So is the wraith just gonna hang around Atlantis in the cell and er, what are they going do to about feeding him and will they ever let him go?


Did anybody else notice the woman with glasses in the infirmary when they took away Davos’ body? I keep thinking, did some fan win a contest and that’s their role, because I don’t know, she just reminded me a fan…




You know, I just didn’t feel like doing a really detailed review on this episode as so much of it was setting up for the rest of season four. We got some dire predictions for the future, confirmation of Teyla’s pregnancy (which in itself is sorta hard to miss in  just looking at her). However, the replicators blithely bumping off the wraith food supply was a nice twist, although I’d love to see Rodney and Sheppard angst more (this, I leave to fanfic) about their actions that basically led to the annihilation of over 150,000 people.


The last scene was well, um, er, sorta meh. Don’t know how else to describe it. It’s open ended but it’s not setting up much, just reconfirming that the future is open-ended, which we all sorta know anyway. Hm…..


I must admit that the coming attractions for “McKay and Mrs. Miller” were more exciting for me than this episode. I did like this one, it just didn’t grab me like the others have.
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