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Joe Flanigan guest starring in ABC's WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB

 A fan at http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/JoeFlaniganOnline/ posted some great tidbits on Joe Flanigan from the Burbank Stargate convention held today.

* Flanigan isn't his birth name. His birth name is Joseph Dunegan III. His parents were divorced almost immediately after his birth and his mother remarried. Flanigan is his adoptive father's name. He's the third youngest of his father's eight kids and his mother's three kids.

* He's got a recurring guest star role in the ABC drama WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB, which right now airs Friday's at 9:00 PM (yes, against the encore repeats of last week's SGA episodes. So unfair). No word on w hen they'll air. Of course, depends on if the series lasts or not too.

* Jason Momoa and his girlfriend and baby are moving up to Vancouver.

* His house survived the current fires but his kids school was burned down.

* Wasn't able to do the entire Walter Reed Hospital tour because he was filming "Women's Murder Club". And said he hopes to be in New York (City?) in the winter with family and then will take the train down.

Huge thanks to "K" on the JoeFlaniganOnline list for the info!
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