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Black Friday....

So, I decided, that hmm, perhaps I should check out the 'Black Friday' deals (particularly since I saw a few good bargains in the flyers I got in yesterday's newspaper).

So, got up early enough so that I saw this:

So, it was definitely worth getting up early! I had a plan - hit several stores really early, but not obscenely early. 4 a.m.? You gotta be kidding! I was out of the house by 6:30 a.m., then hit Staples, grabbed an SD card for my digital camera (1/2 price) and a DVD/CD holder so I can keep all the stuff I'm recording off TV in one place. Then went onto the highway, my normal commute and it was so nice and empty except for the one or two *#?! Audi drivers who think they own the road and speed no matter what. Went to Circuit City, where virtually everybody else in the State must have been as it was *crowded*. However, found the Las Vegas (James Caan, Josh Duhamel NBC show) DVD set for only $12! So, grabbed season three. I looked at laptops but want XP so will have to see what I can mail order. Then I backtracked and hit Best Buy, another 'big box' electronics store and lo and behold, found season 1 of Las Vegas, just a buck more, so the price of the two season is less than the price of one season at normal sale price. And grabbed a few movies at $4.99 each. However, much to my horror, when I popped in Las Vegas , I found out that they didn't have the Elvis Presley music on the credits; one website I found said the cost would have been prohibitive to use on the DVD. Darn. 

And got an email that AMC (American Movie Classics) will be showing one of my all-time fav horror/scifi flicks , "Attack of the Crab Monsters," next month! No one has that on DVD. They just don't make movies like that anymore :(
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