wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Holiday movies + David Hewlett as Santa

From schmaltz to sap, crass to the cream of the crop, it's that time of year and there are holiday/Christmas movies saturating the airwaves.

The Milwaukee Sentinel Journal has compiled  a nifty list of all the holiday movies, from gems like "White Christmas" to the more dubious "A Carol Christmas" with Tori Spelling and William Shatner ;) But David Hewlett's Xmas movie, in which he portrays a petty thief in Santa Claus garb, airs twice on December 3rd and 9th. Check out www.titantv.com to verify time, etc. and look for "The 2nd Day of Christmas." 

Anyway, if you like to overdose on the movies, this is probably the best compilation of them I've seen this year.
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