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Stargate Atlantis: #409 "Miller's Crossing" spoiler review

A spoiler-ridden review of Stargate Atlantis episode "Miller's Crossing." 

First, let me get out of my system what I truly DESPISED about this episode.

After being forced to see "Tin Man" stamped across the main credits of this episode, and have part of Rodney's face obliterated by the huge green ad, I have decided to NEVER watch that blasted miniseries. They're on their own for ratings. Idiots at Skiffy.

Back to the episode.

My favorite lines of dialogue

Radek to Rodney: "I cannot sit here waiting for you to have an epiphany. I am losing the will to live."

Jeannie to Rodney: "Plus physically you're, well... how do I put this? You're no John Sheppard."

Ronon to Sheppard: "What? You want my help dissecting corporate structures? When you find someone to point a gun at, let me know."

Just sort of rambling comments.

The best part of this episode was seeing the various ways that family members, friends, would go to save another. Wallace abducts the McKay siblings in order to save his daughter, Rodney's ready to offer himself up to save Jeannie, and Sheppard makes his own pact with the devil and gives Walsh the 'option' to volunteer to make things right by offering up his live to the wraith in order to save Jeannie, and in turn, save Rodney.

Was the episode perfect? Hell no. First, the SGC sure as hell should have had an INCREDIBLE firewall between the SGC and Jeannie's house. And if it was wireless? I'll just cringe! And hello? Cellphones are so freaking easy to crack that Rodney calling up Sheppard to say "oh, me and Barrett are going to this address to save my sister from the evil kidnappers." Why not take out a Craigslist ad while they're at it?

The scene with Walter could have been trimmed a bit. I think we all got the point that Ronon was suffering and showing great restraint.

Parnets will go to extremes for their kids, so what Wallace did was believable. He lost his wife, his daughter was all he had left, he thought the nanites would work and when it screwed up, he realized she'd die without help. Unfortunately she died anyway, so to that end, he had not much to live for. Two counts of kidnapping, and the gov't could probably toss a treason charge or something equally as bad for digging up the Stargate program info, etc. I liked that he wasn't the obvious bad guy. He's the typical bad guy; a normal guy who makes the wrong decision for what he feels is the right reason. It's usually a slippery slope, not a massive drop-off, when people go bad.

But what I really liked was seeing how far one person would go for another. Rodney plotting his and Jeannie's escape - his priorities were with his family. Rodney going to Sheppard to tell him he wants to let the wraith feed off himself in order to save Jeannie. Wow, Rodney of season one sure as heck wouldn't have done that. And this is the second time Rodney has called Sheppard "John" (in times of great stress).

I can only guess it killed Sheppard to tell Rodney no, that Jeannie was going to die, and then convince Wallace to basically do the right thing. By basically playing the 'guilt card' ,by bringing out photos of who will be left behind when Jeannie dies, he knows that Wallace will be affected by it. And then the body gets carted out and Rodney's face and Sheppard's expression. I was grateful the writers followed up with that little talk in Sheppard's quarters. I'm hoping to see fanfic on it too.

And, Wallace was a dead man. If he refused, and I'm sure he had that option, Jeannie would have died, then he would have been charged with first degree murder, a capital offense.

Loved the sibling banter between McKay and Jeannie as it rings so true. She's going to hold the whole debacle over his head forever.

Bringing a wraith to Earth?? Well, I don't think the Wraith can figure out where he is, and I'm sure they removed any transmitters from him after last week's episodes.

They need to fire their IT department at the SGC. Oh wait, it's not Felger, is it?? And how the hell did Wallace dig up so much stuff on the SGC? Oh wait, he's Googled it. Snort :(

Sheppard just leaves the door to his quarters wide open? Wow, so much trust on the base! ;)

Rodney broke his sister's legs? Well, yes, it can be done medically, after she's put in the medical coma, of course, but geez.......

And heck, I'm sure Rodney can afford a Prius, but probably had to pull some strings as I don't know if you can just get those off the lot right now.

Is it a budgetary thing, or what? But SGA seems to lack in background characters more so than SG1 did. I'm not asking for massive crowd scenes, but we seem to be lacking the folks in charge, which sorta leaves the kids to make decisions, if you know what I mean.

Overall, this was a good episode, made even better by no real spoilers out on the second half.  I'm sure that Shepaprd's decision wasn't one made just off the cuff; he'd have to clear it with Landry or whoever else was in charge. There would be no way that the SGC would let Rodney sacrifice himself for his sister, a civilian, even if she is bright. He's too valuable to the Atlantis expedition. Jeannie is, alas, expendable in the eyes of the government. But Sheppard knew that if Jeannie died, that would probably devastate Rodney to the point of no return, as yes, her abduction was his fault (bad computer security, etc. etc.) Plus they've got that pesky replicator problem in the Pegasus Galaxy - with the replicators killing humans - and the nanites could figure prominently in a solution.  I just raelly liked that Sheppard was forced to make such a dark decision, and that's what happens when you're at war. You make sacrifices, although usually it's not just one person and sure as heck not feeding him to a Wraith.

Wonder how much sleep Sheppard's gonna get thinking about it.

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