wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Spoiler Screencaps from SGA "This Mortal Coil" TV ad

 Skiffy apparently has two ads for Stargate Atlantis' "This Mortal Coil." The one they show on the Scifi site, and a more extended version that's been on TV. Seeing as how I like "Final Destination #2," I just watched that and caught the ad today. Apologies for the quality of the snaps. Older digital camera aimed at older TV. No High Def, alas :(

So, here are some caps :)

There's such a thing as TOO much Botox....

Two Rodney's, and neither's a Rod, so this could be a nightmare :)

You can watch the video where these snaps came from at

Tags: photos, season 4
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