wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Wishing folks a Happy Holiday Season!

Yes, I got my tree all decorated and done in record time! And here's the photo. Okay, not a tree. Haven't done trees in ages since all the cats seem to destroy them, but the latest cat has learned it's a no-paws territory when it comes to my family of Godzillas, and my poor Dalek looked so bleak and glum, being all black, that I decked him up. I'm sure he would have protested, but maybe he didn't because I took the batteries out of him.

Maybe this is why Daleks wish to exterminate all humans?? ;)

And below the cut is the non-flash available light version. Hmm, I must go and find some teensy lights to string around my little Dalek. :)

The circular light behind is from Ikea, Alas. it was last year's model and they don't have 'em this year. They're really quite lovely.

Tags: dalek
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