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Stargate Atlantis: Jewel Staite Video Q&A Transcript + Screencaps, 2/3

Below the cut you’ll find a transcript and a whole bunch of screencaps from the Stargate Atlantis video Q&A with Jewel Staite – part 2. She’s quite cute in several shots! You can view the video at http://video.scifi.com/player/?id=192658


Part 2 of 2

SciFi.com interview



CLIP from DOPPELGANGER of nightmare sequence where Teyla’s hatches an alien bug baby and splatters blood everywhere.


EASYGORDON: Haven’t seen you much in the season four promos. Why?


Jewel: Easygordon, you’re awesome. I love it. This is for Easygordon. Hi (waves). Um, the reason why you haven’t seen a lot of me, I think, in the promos is because I’ve had to do a lot of traveling, when the promotional stuff was shot (a clip from MISSING when Teyla and Keller go through the gate). I did do more as the season progressed. It has nothing to really do with the size of my role. So far I’ve done eleven episodes and I’m featured quite a bit in these episodes so hopefully my role will get bigger through time, too.

Clip of Weir getting nearly blown up in FIRST STRIKE, then medical/surgical scenes of Keller operating on Weir.


WRAITHFODDER: What have you personally brought to Keller?


Jewel: Hi Wraithfodder, this is for you (waves). In terms of what I have brought personally to Dr. Keller, aside from the brain surgery thing because I am a brain surgeon in my spare time, just as a hobby, um, I would say we have a lot of similarities in terms of us being a little bit flirtatious maybe (clip of Ronon and Keller), um, kind of scared of guns and violence and that kind of thing (clip of fight scene in woods from MISSING) so I’ve been really lucky so far. I lot of the things they’ve written (for) me have been elements for my own personality so, just keeping it a secret, I haven’t actually had to do any ‘real’ acting. Yet.


Clip from MISSING when bad guys have Keller and Teyla in tent.


ECHELON: What’s been your favorite role? How has it changed you?


Jewel: Hi Echelon (waves again). My favorite role to date, I have to say, and you can’t tell any of the Atlantis people this, would probably be Kaylee from FIREFLY. (clip from FIREFLY) I really bonded with the cast, just fell in love with the whole experience. It just made me feel that it’s really important to appreciate an amazing job when it comes along because it can be over like that (snaps fingers) and you can be canceled like that (snaps again). It sort of changed the way… a lot of doors were closed before, and luckily with the show’s success with the fans, they were opened for me a little bit.


Clip from INSTINCT with Jewel as Ellia, the wraith,  running in to her ‘father’ for protection as Sheppard and team pursue her.


SHANYU: Did playing a Wraith make you want to join the cast of Atlantis?


Jewel: Thanks, ShanYu, for bringing up the wraith bit of my career. (laughs) Not a particular highlight, I have to say. It was really, really difficult. I didn’t really know what a wraith was when I accepted the part. Mistake number one. Should have done my research on the internet. It was a LOT of makeup and a lot of constrictions in having to perform and I was really worried that my performance wasn’t going to come through the mask, contact lenses and the teeth and all that. Um, actually learning to talk with the teeth is very strange.  (clip from INSTINCT of Ellia and Ronon and baked goods) So I wouldn’t say it was the whole wraith business that brought me back to Atlantis. I always said I would come back as long as I would look more like me and would not have to spend three and a half hours in makeup. It was mostly the people. I enjoyed working with everybody. Everybody was really great to me. (clip of Rodney dodging wraith in woods)  And the show just runs like clockwork. They shoot an amazing amount of pages every day, and do it quite effortlessly, and it’s just a really nice easy set to be on


[In the middle of the above Q&A question, watch a woman come out from a corridor, see the camera and Jewel, and duck away]


Clip from MISSING of Teyla spearing dinner.


BLIND_IO: How much of you is in the characters that you play?


Jewel: Hi Blind_Io. In terms of how much of me was in a role, it kind of all depends. I try and find elements of my personality that match the character just for authenticity but it’s fun to play somebody who’s totally not like me (clip from INSTINCT).  It’s like a bit of a workout for an actor. (another clip from MISSING) The percentages vary of how much Jewel goes in. Keller I would say, I’m going to go with seventy percent, I think that’s safe. With Kaylee, I’d say more like forty percent. I wish I was as nice and sweet and honest as Kaylee, but I’m not going to lie here, so yeah, I would say definitely in the lower range. It all depends really. (clip from FIREFLY) Okay, I’ll say ‘shiny’ twice. I’ll say it like Keller and I’ll say it like Kaylee. Okay, this is Keller first. Shiny. (sounds normal) And this is Kaylee. Shiny! (with a big grin and very enthusiastic) (laughs and then waves at camera)

Read part of Jewel's Q&A at

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