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Stargate Atlantis - "Sateda" review

Spoilers ahead!

Okay, Sateda was one kick ass episode!

I found Rodney's reaction to be shot in the butt with the arrow to be pretty realistic. I mean, who wouldn't scream their lungs out if forced to run (not merely) walk with a sharp object lodged in their posterior!

Okay, black leather uniforms. VERY nice. Just wanted to slip that in there before I forgot.

Although the show was basically an action-adventure plot, I was pretty pleased with the snippets they gave of Ronon's life before the Wraith (and his taskmaster) destroyed it. Had a wife, was dedicated to Kell, then in a span of one day (it looks like), he was betrayed by the person he trusted the most, saw his wife hideously killed in front of his eyes, and was probably taken by the wraith as well.

Wraith with glowing green see in the dark eyes. Cool. And here I thought that that particular wraith just had bad sense in eyewear.

Guess my favorite scenes were with Sheppard (no big surprise there). When Caldwell said a rescue was a bad idea, Sheppard got rather, hmm, disrespectful is a good word, when he said "one man who isn't a member of the US military," which makes me wonder  what went on in Shep's past.

If Caldwell wasn't bald, he'd go gray from dealing with Sheppard.

Anyway, enjoyed Shep and Teyla's little talk - mostly one-sided with Teyla filling in the blanks. It was interesting to see that Teyla, at this stage of the game, felt that she didn't realize just how far Sheppard's people who go for someone who wasn't one 'of their own.' The scene was both funny, for Sheppard's inability to express his feelings, but also poignant for the same reason. I can see some great fanfic springing from that scene alone :)

Rodney's boxers - were those happy faces?? And I think the black looks better on him than the charcoal gray of before. 

The rescue scene came out of nowhere (glad there no spoilers on that) and Ronon giving Beckett a hug (awww...) while Shep keeps escalating his number of kills (lord knows, can't have Teyla kill more than him) and then his dismay that he'd been threatened with death if he'd killed the wraith...

Definitely had fun with it, and see lots of fodder for fanfic.

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