wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Stargate Atlantis ads during marathon - several videos!

Whole bunch of Stargate Atlantis ads shown during the marathon and yep, think I caught 'em all. As usual, crappy quality as I aimed a digital camera at the TV. If you hear any suspicious scratching noise, er, um, the cat chose an inopportune momement to scratch the rug. Aieeee.. 

Oh yes, these ads Do contains SPOILERS.

Anyway, previous uploads include the Christmas marathon themed ads (2 days until, then the one done with the song).

New ads (several in each)

1) Short ad, Stargate marathon continues, Dvice (without a ZPM...)

2) Speechless (short then long version)

3) Inside look - Teal'c vs. Ronon; inside look - wraith vs. replicators

4) Dvice - travels in style; inside look - humans vs. replicators

Enjoy! Feel free to link back to this site, but please don't hotlink to PB account. Thanks. 
Tags: season 4, video
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