wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Stroll down memory lane with Stargate Atlantis premiere videos

In between Christmas festivities and whatnot, was cleaning off the DVR in preparation for the next 10 episodes of Stargate Atlantis in a couple weeks, I had a bunch of ads (which I xferred from video to DVR to DVD) from ye olden days when SGA was premiering so thought, yes, let's subject the masses (or maybe a dozen or so fen) to digital-camera-aimed-at-TV screen. Tacky, cheap, but hey, they're fun to watch.

First up, the Get in the Gate contest with Joe Flanigan and Amanda Tapping auditioning people for the show.</strong>  Oh yeah, this contest is OLD, no longer valid, so don't enter. Thanks ;)

Second, some premiere ads for when SGA first aired.

Third and last,a TV Guide(?) segment on SGA, SG1 and BSG, including Joe Flanigan talking about Ronon joining the show and of note for Jason Momoa fans, a *cough* shirtless Jason. And a couple 'summer' ads.

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