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This and That

Had a nice long weekend (used my last vacation day to take off Monday) and it's back to, sigh, work tomorrow.

Spent a bit of doing boring financial paperwork, so let the DVR run in the background. First up was the Disney cartoon Meet the Robinsons, which was fun. Then watched the old scifi flick Lifeforce (and wow, I think the producers of Stargate Atlantis watched it too as the aliens sucked the lifeforce from the people, leaving dessicated husks behind, etc.) but it was a pretty good flick. Next up was Little Miss Sunshine, which lots of folks raved about and it was good but I could have done without all the swearing. The kid was cute. And lastly, ended with A Night at the Roxbury starring two guys from Saturday Night Live. It's an amusing, vapid movie with lots of great music ;) Oh, and also this weekend, went out and saw the movie Enchanted. It was very Disney-ish, with everything so simple it was.... let's hope kids realize it's not reality. ;) Patrick Dempsey is cute but still, doesn't click with me (which is good, as the last thing I need to do is get into that hospital soap he does, er, um, the one on ABC against CSI and now my mind can't recall the title). Oh, and Susan Sarandon was great as the wicked stepmother, in all her personas (so as not to spoil the flick).

Did some cleaning up of the DVR after transferring stuff from tape to DVD and as you can see by previous posts, captured some of the old Stargate Atlantis ads and uploaded them to LJ.

It's warm enough that all the slush on the driveway melted away (phew, thank goodness, cuz there was a LOT). Watched the SGA marathon yesterday (mostly) and let SG1 run today in the background while doing Xmas-ey stuff, and oh, passed on TIN MAN and let two hours of a burning log on a local channel be the background noise as I caught up on some reading. It was good enough to record and burn to DVD for when I want a crackling fire ;)

Nothing too exciting to report, it's back to the 'salt mines' tomorrow ;)

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