wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

I've been robbed - again! %#*!@!

The continuing saga of As the Suet Feeder Dangles.

Well, so much for the sturdy plastic twist tie. I came out to find the bird feeder in pieces on the ground, and the suet feeder, wide open and devoid of suet, wrapped around the tree branch by the chain. Whatever vile creature is stealing my suet meant for the chickadees is crafty, and I'm thinking a masked bandit (aka raccoon). Well, we'll see who wins this war! I'm going to put a lock on it! Yup, got some cheap luggage locks and no way is that suet gonna vanish cause we've got a winter storm tomorrow.  Yup, a lock, metal, with a key! Let's see that raccoon break that! Ha!

If I win Powerball (should buy a ticket), I'll get an infrared camera aimed at the feeder to see what's stealing it. It might also be deer. They're the ones who ate the top off it! 

UPDATE: I stuck a new suet block into the feeder, and stuck on two cheap locks I had in a drawer, so if they freeze or whatever, no loss. Then I realized, the chain that held it up was broken in half! So, I took a wire coat hanger, cut it up, tied it on, and it's now wrapped up to a branch in the tree. A squirrel came by, looked at it, but left. However, in that ironic sense of fate, as I put on the final twist on the coat hanger, I look to the side and spy the remains of the chewed up suet block from last night. Whatever it was yanked it out, chewed around all the edges, and left it. Well, we're going to use the remains for mouse bait in the basement, and maybe catch whatever I heard lurking in the wall last night. Gah, and the cat just sleeps through it. He's supposed to kill those rodent interlopers....
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