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Happy New Year's!

 New Year's!

Well, not yet, but according to CBS, it's next year in Sydney, Australia. Nice fireworks! :)

Was thinking about New Year's resolutions, which I don't make cuz I never keep, but do plan to make a good attempt at catching up on email and not letting it pile up. I get so much due to various interests and websites I run that it's just, well, enormous.

Was reading on superstitions for the new year. Shouldn't run wash on the first day. Oh hey, no problem! No cleaning either? Yes! But the first visitor to the house on the day should be dark haired and good looking. Hm, don't think Joe Flanigan is gonna be knocking at my door. Darn. However, the 'first footer' should not be a redhead, so does that mean I can't let the dog out until someone else arrives. Wait, I'll put the cat out. He's got sorta dark hair.... of course, he won't appreciate it as it's COLD.

Plan to spend the day just catching up with stuff, email, books, maybe some videos. Just relax. :)

Meanwhile, below the cut is a picture a friend sent me, which I thought I'd share :)

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