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Stargate Atlantis: David Hewlett SciFi Q&A, Transcript + Screencaps, 2/2

“So, I’m kind of like the Martha Stewart of horror.” – David Hewlett


I died laughing transcribing this segment as it was almost all of my questions! This is part 2 of David Hewlett's two-part video Q&A over at SciFi.com - video can be viewed at http://video.scifi.com/player/?id=200973. He's very happy throughout the entire interview.



David Hewlett

Part 2 of 2 Video Q&A



: How do you find the time to do so many things?


David: Wraithfodder. Just asking for trouble, aren’t you?


Woman’s voice off-camera: Where do you find the time to act, write, direct, and put together a kickass website?


David: Nice. No, that’s not what it said. It said ‘kick star star star (***)’. Yeah… Um, well, Wraithfodder, I have a time machine, and what I do is I leap forward and I write about things before they happen, so I have plenty of time. That’s how it works, generally. It’s actually going to stop, you wait, like as soon as the hiatus happens, it’s going to be like I’m on holiday. You won’t hear from me, so… I have no idea and I still have no idea where I find the time for that but I love it. I’m a nerd. What can I say? Nerds always find times for these things.


(Clips from McKAY & MRS MILLER)


Abharding: Who would you and your character like to work with the most?


David: Interesting. I would say McKay, without a doubt, enjoys working with McKay. (clip from THIS MORTAL COIL) so whether it be Rod or a parallel timeline or whatever the hell, and I think David Hewlett enjoys working with, well, all the cast equally (clip from LETTERS FROM PEGASUS). He likes working with himself as well.


(Clip from McKAY & MRS MILLER)


Wraithfodder: Recognizing you, do fans expect to meet “McKay?”


David: Wraithfodder. My god, don’t you have anything else to do, Wraithfodder? And we love you for it. It’s funny. (grins) I only seem to get recognized at my lowest points, like generally that day (shows awful picture from website) I’ll wear the sweatpants and the shirt from like a week ago – oh, that doesn’t smell too bad – I’ll go out in that, type thing. Those are usually the days someone will go ‘hey! You know you look like the guy from—‘ You know, you get that. But I think people are usually surprised when I don’t instantly sort of don’t insult and cajole them in some way, shape or form, so I think they are kind of expecting McKay, so now I’ve just started being a jerk. And that seems to make people happier. So…

(clip from LIFELINE)


Rononsbabe: What would it be like it McKay ruled Atlantis?

David: Well, Rononsbabe, it would be fantastic. The roads would be paved with gold, there’d be rivers of chocolate, um, yes, McKay would definitely have some fun. The first thing he’d do is get rid of all of the male members of the cast (clip of Rodney saying “which means they’re as good as dead!” to which Sheppard says “we can hear you, you know.”) and then there be just sort of worship and adore sessions. It would actually very dull, dull series because everything would just be so calm and beautiful.


(Clip from A DOG’S BREAKFAST with Paul McGillion)


DebraDownSth: I was bowled over by your feature film debut! What would you like for McKay in SGA season 5?

David: DebraDownSth, thanks very much for the Dog’s Breakfast comment. Yeah, I think along the Dog’s Breakfast line I’d like to be dressed up in women’s clothing and hang around in bars a lot. Yeah, that’s what I’m looking forward to for season five.


(clip from A DOG’S BREAKFAST)


Wraithfodder; Developing any more original projects?


David: So who is it who asked for this?


Woman’s voice: Wraithfodder.

David: There’s only four people watching the show, is that what we’re getting at?

Woman’s voice: Basically yes.


(clip from A DOG’S BREAKFAST)


David: Actually, it’s funny that you should ask that, Wraithfodder. Because there’s actually a few things we’ve got lined up.We’re hoping to do a web-serial version of Star-crossed, which is based on the section of Dog’s Breakfast that has Star-crossed in it. And I’m actually working on another film right now, I’m half way through the script for another movie called Design of the Dead, which is kind of a fun home and garden renovations show meets zombie film, so that’s what I’m working on right now. Basically it’s a design team goes into a house to bring it back to life and in doing so, brings back the dead. So, I’m kind of like the Martha Stewart of horror. That’s where I’m going with things. Whether that happens this hiatus or not- at least it will get written this hiatus. I hope.


Woman’s voice: I’m going to buy my ticket for that one now.

David. Sweet! Yes, buy your tickets in advance before I’ve written it.



This is such an adorable shot!!

And that's it. For other transcripts, just go to TAGS and select TRANSCRIPT to pull up the rest of the SciFi transcripts.

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