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August 11th Stargate SG-1: "Uninvited"

Think I'll try a review of sorts, since I have to keep an eye on the kitty, who is finally coming down off the drugs (he had some surgery done today). So when he comes home, he staggers around like a drunk and the dog sees him and try to take advantage of him (yes, the dog and cat are on VERY good terms, ahem, cough cough). But now I can actually see the color of his irises instead of big black orbs.

Onward to SG1...


Okay, only quibble thus far is why are the soldiers in green camo, but wearing desert tan boots?? It's sorta glaring.

I really enjoyed the talks between Mitchell and Landry at Jack's cabin (hey, why not make use of existing sets??)  Plus the fact they were both so wired up they came out with guns after the lights went out! (Normal reaction of a normal person is "where's the flashlight?") ANd then poor Mitchell tries to flee - Landry seemed so happy to have the poor guy trapped there (but he'd checked out a helicopter anyway). Heh. 

Vala trying out Landry's chair. Carter warning her not to put her feet up. Nice to see  the two women chatting. I like how they're developing Vala; not so much one-note but trying to contribute, despite everybody's brush-off.

Landry's a birdwatcher! At least he was kind enough to let Mitchell escape as yes, anything like that is an acquired taste.

Okay, love the Doritos ads with Godzilla!

Oh man, the 'vice presidential bird hunt' comment from Mitchell was so good :)

Me thinks the lady doctor screwed up DNA on CSI Miami

Well, the creature died quick. Ah, the second one was cool. And Vala feels vindicated ;)

 Poker game was fun. NIce to see some 'bonding' moments.

Overall, liked it :)
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