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Stargate Atlantis: "Progeny" (review)


Okay, spoilers ahead.


Okay, just halfway through but this a kickass episode. 

The SPX in this episode blow away what has been shown on SG1 lately, which may explain the higher ratings, but I digress... the chunk of city taking off, the fact that the other city looked like every real estate agent in the universe had sold occupancy, was great.

As soon as the Wraith started blowing up Atlantis, I figured, had to be a fake. Can't blow up the city, but it was good nevertheless!

Loved how Rodney tried to test if it was real or mind probe by poking at Sheppard, who promptly smacked him. Okay, the fact that we only got to see Sheppard's horrible little mind probe means that we have several other probes which are ripe for fanfic fodder.

Loved watching Shep and McKay argue over how much time they have when McKay's glitch goes into play. This is what we fans want to see! The Shep-McKay banter of year one! And in the group talks, everybody gets to participate and react. Teamwork.

Think my favorite line of dialogue (gotta rewatch) is from Shep: "Rodney, you're slobbering."

Rodney should learn not to tick off people, er, replicators. Lucky his neck didn't get snapped! But great action neverthless. 

Well, we now know that you can eject the rear hatch in an emergency

I loved the moonlit sky on Atlantis.

Yeah, as if nobody saw Neerim floating about in space. Personally, I woudl have gone back and blown him up with a drone, but then we wouldn't get, well, that would be a spoiler.

Well, I could be a lot more verbose but I loved this episode. Carl Binder and RCC definitely need to write more - especially Carl Binder!


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