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Review: Stargate Atlantis #413 – QUARANTINE (Spoilers!)

And below the cut you’ll find my spoiler-ridden review/commentary on Stargate Atlantis episode #413: “Quarantine.”

Stargate Atlantis



A ‘bottle show’ is an episode staged entirely on the existing sets. No running off to the verdant woods of Vancouver (that’s next week), or watching a gazillion spaceships immolate noisily in the vacuum of space. Nope, the budget has been spent elsewhere on episodes with lots of explosions ;)  so… the gang gets to stay home and get into trouble. And this is REALLY a bottle show. Heck, even the radios don’t work so that’s less people to pay for speaking lines! ;)


Atlantis faced with another quarantine situation (to fresh your memory, they had nasty little nanowhatevers running around imploding brains in season one’s “Hot Zone,” and then, gee, just a few episodes back in “Tabula Rasa,” the Pegasus Galaxy version of chicken pox or mumps (childhood illness) nearly caused disaster for the base. However, in that episode, the city didn’t lock down as hey, it was a harmless virus (well, not to Earth folk).


Anyway, just knock it down to pros and cons as they switched back and forth so much I’ll get seasick trying to do a review of each scene ;)




  • Sheppard and McKay playing computer golf. And Sheppard, of course, winning.
  • Sheppard’s facial expressions when Rodney mentions marriage. Like “good god, Rodney, marrying Katie??” (There will be tons of McShep fanfic out of this scene I’m sure)
  • Is Ronon intentionally damaging himself so he can see Keller? Hmm…
  • Everybody trying to pry doors open. It was just fun to watch the various methods to open the door, although why didn’t Rodney open the panel thing and try to hotwire it.
  • Teyla being smart enough to access the computer to find the ‘category 5’ contagion.
  • Sheppard worrying about Teyla and ‘women always go into labor in the movies in situations like this.’ Snort.
  • Radek’s pigeon desktop on the tablet.
  • The talk between Sheppard and Teyla about her pregnancy and that she was uncertain about returning to duty, but he reassured her (and we got more background on a college chum). I get the feeling he joined the ROTC while in college.
  • Okay, I do like the Ronon and Keller dynamic (aka potential ‘ship’).
  • Hm, Rodney had bad luck in college, crashing his bike in a pothole ;)
  • Sheppard knowing Rodney’s password, and the description of the password (“never underestimate the size of that man’s ego”) and 42 – from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • The elevator scene with Radek taking off his jacket, then Carter with her cleavage practically smack in his face.
  • Katie describing the plant (Rodneyanniswhatever) and It “just gets bigger and bigger…” and yes, a double entendre if ever there was one, so Rodney chokes on that ;)
  • Ah, the baby kicks! And Shepaprd is like “argh, no, she’s going to blow!” ;) I wonder what her reaction was about. Nausea? Hormones? Tired?
  • Sheppard climbing the tower like Batman. The man does watch too many movies…
  • …and is polluting Ronon’s mind with JAWS and Sheriff Brody’s tactic to kill the shark. But I like that we get to see Ronon smile and not be too morose. He’s coming out of his shell after so many years on the run
  • Sheppard breaking in (think he used a planter) to the control room.
  • Carter asking about the pigeon (“They’re not for eating,” says Zelenka) and he misses her point.
  • The fact that Lorne walks around with C4 in his tac vest. Hmm…
  • Radek doing his Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea imitation. Come on,t hey were ALWAYS crawling their airducts on that submarine. Anyway, neat that he could save the day, although geez, the plunge through the vent should have left him with some bruises, if not breaks. Oh yes, his Czech swearing ;)
  • Keller backstory, which at least explains why she’s a doctor so young. Although I keep wondering what her specialty is?
  • Ah, Ronon and Keller about to kiss when the power goes off, then on, then the door opens and darn.
  • Sheppard comparing Zelenka to a hamster in the air ducts ;)
  • Ronon removing his feet off the chair so Keller can sit and the looks we see from Sheppard and Teyla. They sooo know that Ronon has the hots for Keller.



CONS, very few, really


  • Well, the lockdown plot seems sorta familiar, cuz not long ago we had the ‘virus’ sweeping through the city (Tabula Rasa). Maybe if this had been set a little further into the season.
  • I griped about this already in my ‘rewrite’ of this episode (). The window broke ALL too easily. I mean, geesh, you’d think if they could build a flying city they could get some shatterproof glass for the outside or else they’ll have birds busting windows. One on the control room broke easily too.
  • I must admit the Rodney-Katie scenes didn’t do much for me as it seems Rodney just regressed to, I don’t know what. I mean, he was really depressed. Was it the lack of computer equipment? Withdrawal? He can’t save the day so they’re all doomed? Ah, see below.






Teyla’s outfit was, um, it’s just a quibble, but geez, only last week she was three months along and not too noticeable and now she’s pretty obvious. So, I suspect a lot of time has passed.


ARGH! Teyla steps out on the ledge. I think most fans went NOOOOOOOOOOOO! And PHEW when she went back in.


On the Rodney-Katie proposal thing. I think, that before Rodney went into his despair despair we’re all going to die Marvin the depressed robot from Hitchhiker’s Galaxy to the Guide routine, she would have said yes, but afterwards… the thing is they’ve been dating how long now? And they act like it’s been just a few weeks. When Katie said bye, I thought, wow, well, that’s over. While it’s interesting to see Rodney actually self-analyze himself. In some respects, I think this was a foregone conclusion because if they get married, she’s toast, she’s dead. It’s the Bonanza syndrome. The wife never survives but dies in a) fire, b) taking a bullet meant for hubby, or c) brain tumor. In Katie’s situation, eh, a plant will eat her. (“Feed Me, Seymour!!”) I do like Katie, and wouldn’t mind seeing her and Rodney together, but at least he’s getting out of his own little shell and seeing someone, which means he’s putting someone else before his ego, a bit step for McKay.


Overall, the show seemed a little slow to start, and I wish SciFi would stop spilling plot points in their ads (I was just waiting for the “malfunction” line). I didn’t get quite the sense of urgency as I did in other episodes, but the character bits made up for that. Even Sheppard didn’t show much fear in his scaling the tower. I mean, a healthy dose of “crap, this might KILL me” would have been nice, but it seemed more a hindrance, like the elevator’s out and he has to use the stairs… But then Rodney panicked enough for most of the city.


The end in a way was sorta odd. Virtually everybody is in the mess while Rodney is seeing Katie, and well, do any of them know if the proposal worked or not? So does this mean later on, Sheppard’s gonna give McKay a beer to drown his sorrows instead?  (fanfic! Fanfic!)


And hmm, think that’s it.



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