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Stargate Atlantis actors to do audio book readings!

 Great news! Yes, audio books read by Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion and David Nykl (gah, notice how many people doing these books got killed off on the show!)

Big Finish productions (who also produces many Dr. Who Audio adventures) has teamed up with MGM to produce a series of audiobooks, available as online download or CD. The one hour long dramas will feature one main cast member, with possibly an additional cast member. There will be 3 SG-1 and 3 Atlantis stories. Please note that these are not books that are read aloud, but are audio dramas. The current line-up is as follows:


April 30 - SG-1 "Gift of the gods" written by Sally Malcolm Read by Michael Shanks


May 30 - SGA "Necessary Evil" written by Sharon Gosling Read by Torri Higginson


June 30 - SG-1 "Shell Game" written by James Swallow Read by Claudia Black and Michael Shanks


July 30 - SGA "Perchance to Dream" written by Sally Malcolm Read by Paul McGillion


August 30 - SG-1 "Pathogen" written by Sharon Gosling Read by Teryl Rothery


September 20 - SGA "Zero Point" written by James Swallow Read by David Nykl


Big Finish Productions will launch their downloading service beginning February 1. For future information on the SG-1/SGA audio dramas (nothing is noted there as of yet), please visit the Big Finish Productions website.




Cross-posted from the Official Stargate SG1 / Atlantis Magazine, issue 20, page #9, with additional information from Outpost Gallifrey website.

(reposted from SG1-Spoilme)

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