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Stargate Atlantis: "Harmony" review (SPOILERS)

A spoiler ridden review of Stargate Atlantis episode "Harmony."


Sheppard and McKay's Adventures in Babysitting

Wow, who would have thought one would feel absolute sympathy for Rodney McKay?

The ads were so-so, and it could have easily been this year's "The Tower,"  but it was well written and the Sheppard-McKay snark was in high gear, and I gotta admit, Rodney's suggestion of stunning the kid was so funny, cuz you could see Sheppard was actually thinking about it! Yeah, Harmony's like a little female Rodney McKay, well, with the ego, not the brains.

Shall do a running commentary... and it won't be huge.

"When you get cranky, you get hit." Heh..

And Rodney's nose leads them to the cave with the kid cooking up dinner.

Ohmygawd, Harmony was hitting on Sheppard. "One day I'll need a king." Bwahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

And Harmony asking Rodney about love? And then Rodney promises not to get in the way of Harmony pursuing Sheppard? Aw, how sweet, and so funny.  Snort.

Oh, and Jerry Penacoli from EXTRA was the second Genii taht Shepaprd stunned. 

Loved how Shepaprd called Harmony "little lady." 

And how Harmony thinks Sheppard is an idiot for taking her pendant, but now she adores McKay for saving her. 

OHMYGAWD, THE PAINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things learned from this episode. Rodney and Katie aren't an item anymore, at least not the way he was talking about the sisters. 
Women of all ages fall for Sheppard ;) 
And for McKay ;)

This was funny!!!!

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