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Pegasus 3 Links Compilation #1: Stargate Atlantis-Higginson, McGillion, Kavan, Andee, Marshall

A fan (sorry, can’t remember who!) asked to do this, so here is a compilation of fan links for the Pegasus 3 convention which took place in London (UK) the weekend of January 26th. Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett), Kavan Smith (Major Lorne), Torri Higginson (Elizabeth Weir), Dean Marshall (Sgt. Bates) and Andee Frizzell (assorted nasty Wraith queens) were the Stargate Atlantis guests. Alas, Kate Hewlett (Jeannie McKay) had to bow – she had a movie role!


Andee Frizzell
Mad, mad woman, who is capable of doing strange and highly awkward looking yoga moves in very tight trousers. Also liked my name, saying it was a ‘happy, happy name’ (if only she knew. ;))



Con  report, part 1 (Friday)

Kavan was very lovely, asking “How are you guys doing?” as he sat down. He was wearing a baseball cap and a cream jumper with a gilet (or whatever you call them!) over it. You’re not supposed to take photos of the guests at the MnG but I did catch a couple of sneaky ones of Kavan from across the room later on, with my snazzy new super-zoom camera:



Con report, part 2 (Saturday) – Kavan Smith

Someone asked about working with Gary Sinise on Mission to Mars and mentioned that he’d said at the Meet n Greet that he used to be a bartender so they asked if he could do any cocktail tricks. He said he could actually, and he used to do them all the time. He said he’d only had a couple of bartending jobs years and years and years ago and told about how on his interview for his first bartending job, he decided to lie because he had no experience and he thought he’d lie and hopefully they’d give him a chance and then he could go home and learn how to do it. At the interview, the interviewer asked him to show him his best trick – the interviewer showed him his best trick and asked to see Kavan’s. So he took a bottle of vodka and said “Okay watch very closely,” and then he threw the bottle of vodka as far up in the air as he could without hitting the ceiling and walked away. It shattered all over the floor and he said, “That is the best trick I can do!”



He told a story about a practical joke he and his brother had played on their grandma when they were young. His brother's room looked over the garage. So his brother and he are pretending to fight and he pushes his brother out of the window, where below his friends have put a mattress. They then pull the mattress in and put ketchup all over and his brother is lying there twitching and his grandma is looking out in horror. Then Kavan says "this was when I realised old people have problems with their hearts" He has such an evil sense of humour , even as a child.



Great shots of Kavan Smith



Great shots of Paul McGillion



Great shots of Torri Higginson



The fact is that I had the luck to meet Torri among some of the most terrific people of this world. And I want to thank them, each of them, because they've been an important part of it, they made those days more and more beaufitul, because I had the chance to live this dream with them, to SHARE it with them, with people who know exactly what I was going through, because they were living that too, or because they had already lived it and know the feeling.


Kavan Smith was very nice, and pretty quirky! He's obviously insanely proud of the fact he has a young son, and wants him to do and be all the things Kavan wished he could do, like learn music, and teach him things he likes, but he knows he'll have to get back into shape so he won't get beat at kick boxing :)


When asked to summarize the Atlantis actors in one word and then a reason as to why, [Paul] cracked everybody up with his answers:
Jason. Cool. Because he is.
Rachel. Sexy. Because she is.
Tori. Classy. Because she is.
Joe. Hair. Because of the gel!
David. Creepy. Because he kissed me! Seriously though, funny. Because he is.



Lots of photos; image heavy; adorable shots of Paul McGillion in a Save Carson Beckett shirt.



Dean Marshall will be returning as Bates and has woken up from his coma and is now NID, Andee Frizzell loves British comedy especially Little Britain and plans on looking up The Mighty Boosh, Paul Mcgillion hinted that Carson may pop up in season 5 and thanked the men at the table for showing up (95% of people at the con are female), Kavan Smith finds travelling in Europe with a five month old baby more sucky than he thought he would, Torri Higginson had fun making an episode of NCIS…



AND I BOUGHT A RODNEY CLOCK!  [my note: Rodney has a clock? Darn, I want to see this!]



‘Will try to download the hundred-odd pics I took tomorrow and sort out the best ones to post up’.



Of the guests Kavan Smith was new to me and was very entertaining. Andee Frizzell was vibrant and a joy to watch.The star of course was Torri,as funny,thoughtful and a joy to be in the same room with.



Oh, many many photos… (courtesy of http://crippsy-99.livejournal.com/956036.html)



Being the unofficial recipient of post-Torri-squee is so amazing. I got so many hugs. So many wonderful ZOMG I just met Torri and she was SO AMAZING hugs. So that was lovely. I basked in love. I don't even know how to explain how cool it is that emotions needs no language in common. A hug is universal. It says so much. I felt things I remembered feeling the first time I met Torri that brought me to a different place. I felt the unconditional kind of stranger love that seems to flow at conventions. More than I can explain. I watched people cry out of sheer joy.



am not writing a con report, because I'm sure there will be plenty of those floating around, but I do have pictures, which I will upload at some point in the near future. They're not really the best, I have no close ups from the talks, they're mostly taken from the big screen, but they are adequate enough for me :D



Torri Higginson is ADORABLE.
Dean Marshall is SO cute and giggly.
Andee Frizzell is hilarious and skinnier than anyone I've ever seen in real life before.
Kavan Smith is gorgeous and witty.
Paul McGillion is SO SO CHEEKY! And even more gorgeous in real life than you can imagine (and quite well built too!). And he wrote 'To Sexy Sarah' on my poster thingy - he was first to sign it and EVERYONE else read it out and giggled, I think he might have a bit of a reputation!



Kavan is an absolute cutie. He is not exactly tall but he has a huge personality. He walked on and said that he’d been told to stand up so that we could take photos, which endeared him to most of us straight away. Most of his stories were in response to questions from the audience. Someone asked what was the best practical joke that he’d ever played. He told us that he and his brother were always fighting which upset his grandmother. One day, they were ‘fighting’ in an upstairs bedroom and his granny came up to tell them off. As she walked into the room, Kavan picked up his brother and threw him out of the window…



TORRI HIGGINSON - Torri is wonderfull in every single way!! She's beautiful, sweet, kind, listens to everything you say, funny,... and I can go on and on about her. She was actually the reason I went to P3, she blew me away with her awesomeness lol. I love her even more than before, which I didn't thought possible. She made me feel comfortable even though I was very nervous.. At the Meet and greet she sat next to me, saw I was wearing a red shirt and a 'save elizabeth' badge and hugged me lol she wasn't even sitting for like 10 seconds lol. I ended up with 3 Torri hugs and one kiss for the bear-present I gave her :D 



Apparently a fan today/yesterday got a chance to talk briefly with Torri Higginson. When asked whether she had been approached for season five, Torri replied that she hadn't. Considering that SGA is going to start filming s5 next month, that isn't a very promising sign.



Photos, photos and more photos.



After that we went inside the Q&A for Paul and Torri talk sessions. We found seating in the 7th row, which was not so bad. Paul showed up in a Save Carson Becket black shirt and a kilt XD He was very excited about the campaign idea and thanked everyone again and announced that Carson was going to be back! The fist question he was asked about was the Carson/McKay kiss and he was "again? O_O" LOL XD He was asked to describe each SGA actors with one word and to explain why, he started with David Hewlett and went "mmmm" and didn't say anything XD He said Torri is classy :) because it's true and then said "Joe... hair! Why? Gel" LMAOOOOOO!!! Then he had one of his fans go on stage and made her sat on the hospital bed and bandaged her head... lol!!!



Contains assorted reports on the con, and pictures!



Links and photos; people who attended are adding material.


Flickr photo links:


Torri & Kavan: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22396628@N03/2227227940/

Paul McGillion: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22396628@N03/2227226782/in/photostream/

Torri, Paul, Kavan, Dean, Andee: http://www.flickr.com/photos/meivocis/sets/72157603809795392/

Torri, Paul, Kavan, Dean, Andee: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22992429@N05/

Torri, Paul, Kavan, Dean, Andee: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8900589@N06/



Disclaimer: All blogs were found using simple, publicly available search engines utilizing key words (actor’s names).




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