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Stargate Atlantis: "A Necessary Evil" audiobook with Torri Higginson

 And the first 


The Stargate Atlantis audiobook, A NECESSARY EVIL, is now available for purchase for $19.54. The SGA has a CD extra of behind-the-scenes interview with Torri Higginson, and the actual CD features Torri and Timothy Watson. 


This story assumes that Doctor Weir was mind-probed by the Asurans following her capture at the beginning of season four. During the probe, the incident she recalls is set during season three, after Common Ground and prior to First Strike. 


This planet that you love so much... If you were not hidden, it would not exist, or at least not like this.”

When Sheppard’s team encounter a culture with phase shift technology that keeps their entire population invisible - and immaterial - to the outside world, it looks like Atlantis might have found the perfect protection from the Wraith. Eager to make a trade for the technology, Doctor Weir embarks on a diplomatic mission to negotiate with the people of Lannavulin. But once there, it becomes apparent that not everyone is happy with the planet’s status quo...

Full details at link above, and they also have an SG-1 book, GIFT OF THE GODS, with Michael Shanks. Details at http://www.bigfinish.com/SG-1-Gift-of-the-Gods
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