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Cast changes on Stargate Atlantis season 5 (spoilers, maybe)

Not that anybody hasn't guessed half of it due to NBC/Universal's press release on Amanda Tapping going over to Sanctuary. But anyway, will stick it under the cut to be safe. 

In Joe Mallozzi's February 1st blog entry, he said:

As stated in the SciFi press release, Amanda will guest star on Atlantis’s fifth season - but the exact number of appearances by Colonel Carter will be wholly dependant on Amanda’s availability and the types of stories we have in the works. Still, Carter will be one of a number of familiar faces that will be popping up in the Pegasus Galaxy in season 5 - including a new commander. Remember way back, when I said we had considered a handful of possible candidates for the command position at the beginning of season 4? Well this person made that short list then, and we’re VERY excited about his/her/its(?) addition to our cast of regulars. As for who it is and what other little surprises we have in store…head on over to the SciFi site Monday morning and start refreshing.

I know for some fans, this is bad news. They may watch the show predominantly for her, but for me, it's good news. I never felt that the writers properly utilized Carter. She was a good character for the most part on SG1, yet when she came over to SGA, it was like, uh, huh? I'd honestly prefer a character/actor who can devote their time to the show, and not be off part of the season (or half, really, in this case) doing another project. 

However, on the bad side for everyone... constant cast changes. I suppose as long as the key people (Sheppard, McKay, Ronon, Teyla) stay put, I'll be pretty happy, but the constant changing of cast, pretty much for new good reason (I mean, really, did blowing up Beckett really help the show? I think not).

I'm trying to think who might be the new commander....

Mitchell? Don't think so...
Daniel? Don't think so as it's not his forte and he'd go nuts
Landry - perhaps
Caldwell - one can hope

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