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Stargate Atlantis: "Outcast" review (SPOILERS)

 Spoiler-ridden commentary/review on the "Outcast" episode of Stargate Atlantis.


Just a running commentary as I watch...

* Sheppard showing Ronon ice skating stuff? Boy, the stock is getting low on Atlantis. Time to get some bootlegged movies ;)
* Are Ronon's shirts getting, er, lower?
* The scene where Sheppard got informed of his father's death. It was all in the eyes. Flanigan does such a good job of conveying that kind of angst with just a look.
* Would someone with a high-def TV please screencap the newspapers at RepliAva on Shep's dad. I could not read the headline. Accursed ordinary TV!
* BEST scene was McKay coming to Sheppard's quarters to offer his condolescences. And like guys, so much said, sorta, without saying anything.
* Sheppard waiting to go through the gate and then, zap, Ronon just comes up beside him "Where are you going?" "With you." Jus tlike that. Talk about loyalty!
* Damn, that looked like a pricey rental car but then the entire Greenwich-CT style estate just screamed money. 
* Shoot, see, this is why you take all spoilers with a grain of salt. Brother was David, not Graham. Ah, but it was fun to mock the name while it lasted ;)
* You could see the get in the gate winner at the buffet table where Ronon was taking everything. He was the guy grinning like an idiot ;) Hmm, maybe his character thought he was in the will...
* We find out that Sheppard basically sorta rebelled against Dad, and it wouldn't surprise me when he went to college he joined the ROTC and went into the military that way.
* Alas, we don't know why it's so complicated between Dave and Sheppard, but it's all those family dynamics.
* "I told you I had an ex-wife, right?" Honestly, I didn't see any real chemistry between Nancy (the ex) and Sheppard.
* It took me about ten minutes to figure out Ava was RepliAva. She just looked like a replicator. They 're all sorta... thin, young and have long hair ;)
* Ah, Dave is pissed that Sheppard is leaving the wake and snipes about the top secret stuff. I suppose the 'black mark' stuff was known in the family. But Dave asking if he'd challenge the will. 
* Skipping past Terminator redux (it was pretty good, particularly bringing back Bates and here's a question - I thought Dr. Lee was married. didn't he mention he had kids? yet he's scoping out bikinis??)
* Wow, Ronon's bulletproof vest was awful short...
* I like  that Sheppard figured out Dr. Poole was up to something when he went in to see the replicator. 
* So, we found out Nancy hasn't seen John for four years, so the last time she probably saw him was probably after the fiasco in Afghanistan, or before he went to Antarctica (since he said he did 11 months there was I recall).  And there's now canon he flew top secret type missions (yes, fanfic writers are now blessed to go wild, not that we haven't already). 
* In the car, well, I still couldn't see the two married, but I could see them divorced. Weird.
* Loved Dr Lee's suggestion they melt the replicator down like the Terminator, and then they instead burned him up in orbit like in Mission to Mars (in which Kavan Smith had a small role)
* Ah, the replicator beating the crap out of Ronon and Sheppard and pinning Shep to the wall like a bug, but then RepiAva saves him, but Ronon still attacks him. Geez, he must have been a Jack Russell Terrier in another life... ;)
* The solution to save Ava was pretty ingenious and unexpected. Glad they didn't toast her.
* Sheppard going back to the estate to talk with his brother, so we can assume they're ironing out problems...

Overall, it was a pretty good episode, but I'd really wanted a bit more on Sheppard than on chasing the weplicator around ;) We go to see what dissolved his marriage (the job, basically, and a bit of emotional distance as well). I suppose if the show lasts long enough, Nancy could promote to Homeworld Security and then find out the ex-hubby is battling aliens in a distant galaxy... ;)

I'm looking forward to fanfic on this. Sorry to see that Teyla wasn't there, but this was no doubt one in which the actress was probably pretty pregnant.

And that's all I can think of right now.

Oh wait, one more thing. The tie. Sheppard's shimmering red and blue tie as he and Dave talked.  ;)

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