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Stargate Atlantis: More on Amanda Tapping departing the series

GW has an interview up with Tapping, and part 2 went up today, and this is the bit on her leaving the show (below the cut for size and such)



Amanda Tapping: ... I just want to address this right off: It was a very difficult decision, not to say that I walked away from
Atlantis, because I haven't. I still want to be very much a part in as much as I can, but still be a part of the show.

They offered me a very nice contract with the caveat being that I had to make them my first priority, and I totally understood why in terms of timing and scheduling. But I couldn't do it because I knew there was a good possibility that Sanctuary would get worldwide television broadcast.

Had I said Yes to what the folks at Atlantis wanted I would've essentially shut down Stage 3 Media and Sanctuary. So as much as we tried to make it work, and Joe Mallozzi and I were on the phone a lot trying to work things out, we just decided at the end of the day that the timing just was not going to happen. He was very cool. They were wonderful.


So, this was defnitely a decision she made, unlike the decisions made for Paul McGilion and Torri Higginson. It's a darned shame they 'replicated' Weir (at least it seems that way) as it would be cool to get Weir back after all she'd gone through. Although there are a lot of fans who dislike that Carter will be off SGA as a regular, this, honestly, is very good news for Tapping. She's evolving her career and not relying on SG1 to be her bread and butter. Especially becuase she's a woman, over 40, and that's a damned tough market. Producers want pretty 20-30ish women - I mean, look at all the women who guest star opposite Sheppard - all younger. Of course in the Pegasus Galaxy you can weakly argue the Wraith like their food aged, but, well, *cough*. Anyway, if Amanda succeeds in producing Sanctuary, she can move onto producing other shows. It puts her behind the camera, but it guarantees her a career that most likely will dissovle into playing someone's mom as she gets older.

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