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Meme: Season 5 Cast Changes in Stargate Atlantis

By now, who hasn’t read the press release on the cast changes in Stargate Atlantis’ season 5 put by NBC/Universal. I don’t say SciFi or other fan sites, as they’re just reworking the original PR from NBC, so I went straight to the source and have reprinted it in this post. If you don’t want to know, don’t click on the cut. However, if you want to discuss it, click away and read on. 




Published: February 5, 2008

Robert Picardo To Join Cast

Show Will Hit 100th Episode This Season

SCI FI Channel's recent People's Choice Award winner, Stargate Atlantis, will begin production later this month on its fifth original season. The new 20-episode season will include the series' benchmark 100th episode. Produced and distributed by MGM Television, Stargate Atlantis is filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

As Atlantis speeds toward its centennial episode, the Stargate universe promises new and surprising developments. The status quo is shaken following the events of season 4 (currently airing on SCI FI, Friday nights at 10pm) – some cherished friends are lost, others are found. New alliances are forged while new races are introduced.

Robert Picardo, whom Stargate fans will recognize as International Oversight Committee rep "Richard Woolsey," joins the Stargate Atlantis cast this season as Woolsey assumes command of the Atlantis expedition. The team, led by Lt. Colonel Sheppard (Joe Flanigan), Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett), Teyla (Rachel Luttrell), Ronon (Jason Momoa) and Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite), must adjust to his unique leadership style.

Fan favorite Paul McGillion, will return for five episodes to reprise his role as the beloved "Dr. Carson Beckett." Amanda Tapping ("Colonel Samantha Carter"), who remains a fixture of the Stargate universe, will appear as a special guest star in several episodes this season and Stargate SG-1 star Michael Shanks ("Dr. Daniel Jackson") will appear as a special guest in episodes as well.

Stargate Atlantis follows the adventures of an intrepid team of military and civilian explorers who travel the distant Pegasus galaxy by means of a Stargate, a portal created long ago by a highly advanced alien civilization called the Ancients. In their never-ending quest to seek out other technologies left behind by the Ancients, the Atlantis team encounters alien cultures – some friend, some foe.

The series is executive produced by Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Carl Binder, and Martin Gero. Mallozzi and Mullie share the reins as showrunners.

(and I snipped off the Scifi and MGM business stuff cuz, well, does anybody really read that? f)


So, is this news good, bad, or what?


Woolsey. Although I think if Woolsey is kept in his present form, it won’t be long before he gets the city destroyed or he ‘accidentally’ falls off a balcony to his death. * cough * I don’t want the buffoonish Woolsey that yes, is amusing in sporadic guest appearances that  few and far between, but now he’ll be a regular. He’s got to up the ante, get some backbone, and hopefully, provide conflict. Face it, does anybody on Atlantis go “Wow, Woolsey’s coming back! Can’t wait!” Nope, Sheppard thought little of the guy on his first trip to the city, maybe even less on his next visit. Woolsey, if written properly though, could provide an interesting contrast to the folks already there. He’s got no friends – he’s always been an outsider – the guy who digs and rattles cages to find dirt. He’s like the Internal Affairs Division in a police department. He’s there to ferret out problems, not hand out accolades.I would hope like hell the writers don’t have him being buddy-buddy with anybody for quite a while. It would be unrealistic. For Woolsey, this is a job – and probably not one he wanted either considering his experiences when he has been on Atlantis. I hope that the writers avoid the temptation to use him for comic relief (like they did with Dr. Lee) and instead give him the nitty, gritty administrative headaches that they avoided giving Sam.


The biggest plus in having Woolsey in charge is that he’s a civilian. The military leadership under Carter suffered for basically one reason: it was sorta boring. Sorry, but Sheppard was so A-okay about her taking over that I was wondering if he’d forgotten about Weir at some points. And that’s a problem with some of the writing – having huge chunks of time (sometimes) between episodes where the characters deal with those nasty emotions of loss, etc. But, Woolsey in charge means that he isn’t always going to agree with Sheppard, or McKay (or anyone, probably) and is no doubt going to be the IOA’s puppet – having a civilian special interest group dictate actions in another galaxy- which shouldn’t sit well with those who live there).


And also another plus – Robert Picardo is a very good actor. I’ve been watching his work since China Beach and enjoy his work. I just hope the writers give him good dialogue/scenes when he’s on the show.


Carter? I’m okay with her not being on the show, or showing up just sporadically in guest shots. Alas she didn’t do much in season 4, alas. I do like Carter, but I like SG1 Carter, not SGA Carter. She’s just not the same. I had trepidation her character might be put in the forefront, which didn’t happen and much to my surprise, she didn’t do much at all. She just sort of faded in the background. If they couldn’t write her strong for the limited time they had, then why bring the character on board (besides pushing an SG1 character on the show to draw in SG1 fans)? And I hope Amanda does well with Sanctuary, as it could conceivably lead to bigger things for her.


Carson Beckett back? Yawn. Ha, no, just kidding! Quite honestly I didn’t believe it until the release came out. It’s good news. I’d rather have him back in MORE than five episodes though, and still can’t fathom how he’ll return, but I also believe (and no offense to the great folk at the SCB who did great work) that TPTB left a backdoor for his character to return long before they decided to kill him off, as I suppose they all remember how great the fact reaction was when Daniel Jackson got bumped off. * cough *


Daniel Jackson? Good news, but please use him wisely. In fact, please use any SG1 character wisely. SGA doesn’t need to become the dumping ground for SG1 characters (no offense, I do like that show), but I want to see SGA becomes its own show, with its own character, etc.


Keller. She’s going to be a regular. It’s been confirmed in Joe Mallozzi’s February 5th blog entry. The trouble is that Keller needs some serious character development, and I’m not talking about background but a little more, well, confidence. She’s too meek at times, and I know fans complain she whines (and well, she did a lot of it in “Missing”). We’ll see how well she does in “Trio” and I hope she improves. Alas, with Keller in the regular cast, that means Beckett can’t be, but well, she could get killed off in season 5 and someone else could take her place. The writers seem to have this thing against medical doctors…. And why can’t they get some nice competent battle-experienced surgeons sucked out of the Middle East arena?

Zelenka and Lorne. Not mentioned anywhere, but I sure as heck hope they're going to be on season 5.


And that’s all I can think of for now, but did sorta want to open up discussion on LJ since other boards tend to be far too many one-line responses… so, pro or con, I'm curious as to people's responses.




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