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Professional Stargate Atlantis (and SG1) Sites

I was just poking around the professionally created Stargate Atlantis sites, as I visit MGM and SciFi and the stargate.hub, and thought, for all the advertising they do, which is best?

MGM - http://stargate.mgm.com/
Has beefed up quite a bit. They load video trailers for upcoming SGA episodes, plus photos (although they're not large, but they're better than nothing and they don't have text stamped all over them, which many fan sites, alas, tend to do). It also has TV listings, games for each episode (new one replaces old one and well, tlhey're all the same format), McKay's answering service (a cute little thing to play with), a merchandise area, the Team Stargate stuff (which is sorta like asking fans to spam the internet, which some do). They've got a community area, and it's like the Stargate version of MySpace. I'm more of a fan of content over glitz, which is probably why I prefer LJ to most forums as it's all about writing.

SCIFI - http://www.scifi.com/atlantis/
One of the older ones, as they had SG1 stuff before SGA came about. It's got a forum that's several years old and is not a bad place to visit. They post neat video Q&As which no one else does (as in the fans get to participate!). They've got photos, some downloads, quizzes they upload weekly, and a blog from one of the story editors, Alex Levine, put up before each episode.

STARGATE HUB - http://stargatehub.com/
Slow off the start, and primarily a site to push DVD sales. It pushes 'fan loyalty'  and talks about points when donwnloading pictures and whatnot. And, I might think more highly of them if they could spell Joe Flanigan's name correctly. Also, to fully putz through the site, registration is required. Judging from the links, it's a Fox-sponsored site.

I'd have to say that for photos, it's MGM, for videos, a toss-up between MGM and SciFi, for community stuff, SciFi, as the Stargate Hub is more advertising related, and the MGM 'MySpace' stuff isn't really conducive to discussion.

But I have to admit one thing, all these sites, at one time or another, can't always spell the names of actors or characters. SciFi, I think, takes the prize in that department ;)

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