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SGA: "Common Ground" spoilers & pics

Whoa, COMMON GROUND previews!!!! SPOILERS!

Finally! Finally!!!

A transcript of the too-short ad:

Koyla on video that Weir is receiving, in obvious Genii hideaway, saying "I wanted to be certain you were there to see this."

Shot of Weir looking confused

then cut back to 'video' and you can see two Genii guards steering a wraith around, next thing you see if Sheppard tied up in a chair, he's gagged (blast!) and the wraith puts his hand on Shep's chest and he throws his head back in reaction to the attack

On Atlantis, they see this and bow heads (WEir, Ronon)

Announcer: "There is no escape"

Wraith Voice: "There is no escape"

Announcer: "In an unthinkable alliance, with the ultimate enemy.. may be his only hope."

Then a jail cell (Genii style) and Shep, now a bit grayer on the hair, looks at grid in wall, sorta like 'who's there?'

next scene is Shep and wraith escaping

Next scene is Shep (bit gray) knocking back two Genii guards
COuld be same scene, and they're flung back into the wraith
Shep has guard around neck, then (from behind) stabs guard in chest and fires weapon at other guard

Next scene is in woods, night, Shep has gu ([P90) aimed at wraith, who aims Genii gun at him

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