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New Stargate Atlantis videos at MGM (coming soon)


A snippet from http://jeninason.blogspot.com/2008/02/oracle-frustrates-me-with-no-id.html

I checked out the video's that we'll be posting to stargate.mgm.com in the coming weeks from the People's Choice Awards. It's the viewer questions, and I don't remember seeing them before on the People's Choice site. Lots of fun. We're also posting the extended video's from when Extra was on the set with Genii Jerry. There's a video each for Amanda Tapping, David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan, Jewel Staite, and Jason Momoa which will be released over the next few weeks leading up until the end of the season. I watched them all, and was shocked to see I'd spoiled myself by watching two particular ones. That's probably the worst part about working on the site, and people at work knowing I'm a fan and showing me stuff that's not out yet. I constantly spoil myself ><. I checked with the content person and confirmed they weren't going to be posted on the site until after the particular spoiler content had aired. 

And this lovely lady posts a bit more about the show, ARK OF TRUTH (it has whump!), etc. Drop by her blog and see the new Stargate Atlantis sunshields for your car windows :)

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