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Stargate Atlantis #501 - "Search and Rescue" SPOILERS

Yes, this is spoiler information on the first episode of season five of Stargate Atlantis. I suspect by this time tomorrow it will be all over the web. Anyway, do NOT read if you want to avoid spoilers.

However, I will say that I believe Lorne fans will be happy....

S P O I L E R S !!!

#501 – “Search & Rescue”

Guest characters include CAPTAIN ALISON PORTER (USAF Captain), TAYLOR, AMELIA (female gate technician), LT. EDISON, LORNE, KANAAN, MICHAEL (yes, that Michael).

As usual, information is subject to total change, names included, so take info with grain or two of salt ;)

Sheppard has returned from the future (“The Last Man”), and, CAPTAIN ALISON PORTER, listed as 28 years old and "attractive and fiery" has been there a week and is bored and says as much to Carter, who is still in command from the looks of it.

Boredom is halted when LT. EDISON returns through the gate, all dusty and whatnot. Apparently, in information not available (the teaser of the episode) Sheppard’s team (or at least part of it) found MICHAEL's nefarious compound, which has subsequently exploded. With the Daedalus hours away, Carter authorizes a rescue team and assigns Keller and PORTER to it.

Meanwhile, the team has problems. Lorne is injured, and a claustrophobic McKay is trapped with him.

And then there's a big info gap… and we next find MICHAEL in his ship, along with KANAAN (Teyla's main squeeze??) and they discover that Michael's secret compound has been found by the Lanteans. This could work to his advantage. So MICHAEL sends down some darts to attack. Carter (who went on the rescue mission) and the rescue team manage to find Lorne and McKay but two others are trapped.

Alas, outnumbered, outgunned, the Lanteans must retreat to orbit in cloaked jumpers and wait for the calvary (aka the Daedalus) to arrive.

And guess what? Yup, big gap here and then the very end…

PORTER, still bored, invites Keller for some drinks.

And Carter runs into McKay on the way to Teyla's room. And from the sounds of it, he delivered Teyla's baby.

And that's it. Again, all subject to change and interpretation


The information is sketchy, and I'm reserving judgement, but PORTER (or whatever she will be named) sounds like a Cadet Hailey (from SG1) clone. Brilliant but with an attitude that quite frankly I don't think Weir would have tolerated. Woolsey would be turning purple ;)  Anyway, Leela Savasta , who played Dr. Esposito in "Tao of Rodney," apparently has the role. You can see photos of her, see her resume (she's done several Battlestar Galactica's as well)  at  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2086012/.

Meanwhile, the whumper in me goes LORNE WHUMP! Yes, he's hurt! Trapped with McKay! I'm not sure where Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla are, although if Rodney did deliver the baby, that would mean Teyla was there, and I suspect, Sheppard as well.

And uh, Atlantis has a bar? I mean, if Porter suggests drinks with Keller (since she knows no one else on base and I guess maybe they did some bonding.

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