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Stargate Atlantis: Dr. Weir has, oh, blast... season 5 news *SPOILERS*

This is news that no doubt will spread across the web, but I'll put this Stargate Atlantis news under a cut anyawy. SPOILERS, I suppose...

Source: Mallozzi's blog entry 

... I  thought it best to inform Weir fans of recent developments. Last year, after we shot that final surprise scene in BAMSR, I stopped by Torri’s trailer to congratulate her on a job well done and, also, to assure her that the door was left wide open for Weir‘s possible return (in some form, be it repli-Weir or other) the following season. Torri was excited by the prospect and, in particular, had great things to say about her new leather outfit (props to Val). As season four wrapped, Carl and Paul got to spinning and came up with a terrific storyline that picked up where that last scene of BAMSR left off. We had a story in place for one episode, the starting point of a potentially bigger arc. The script was written and we eventually contacted Torri who, after much consideration, turned down the offer to reprise the role of Elizabeth Weir for the episode. We are, of course, disappointed, but nevertheless respect Torri’s decision and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

First, we're never going to know precisely why Torri turned it down (although at least one fan on a particular board has alleged she did it out of spite - actors don't burn bridges unless they're Tom Cruise). Since none of us will ever see the script she turned down, it's all speculation. She may  not have liked the path they were setting Weir on, or maybe they were killing Weir, or mabye it was only five minutes in an episode, or maybe, well, who knows. Torri made her decision, and I do respect her for it, particularly after listening to her audio interview.

Must admit I'm glad I'm not one of those fans who stays awake until 4 a.m. waiting for news to drop (and no, this doesn't include UK fans as they're on a different time zone so it's probably 7 a.m. for them and they should be out of bed like the rest of us who must walk the dog! oh wait, I digress *cough*). Anyway, I do find Weir's vanishment, for lack of a better description, to be sad, and a psuedo-nail in SGA's coffin. Weir never had to be gotten rid of in the first place. The writers just needed to WRITE - not dish out lame crap like "Irresponsible". 

I suspect the writers will, to cover their own (writing) inadequacies, keep changing characters because they don't work, instead of actually hiring writers with new, better ideas...


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