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MGM Stargate Atlantis video: People's Choice Awards

Under the cut, you'll find screencaps from the People’s Choice Awards 2008 video at http://stargate.mgm.com/video.php?id=110. Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell and Jewel Staite all answered questions. I didn't transcribe it all, just some tidbits, as you really need to watch the video to get the nuance of the answers. They're so funny!

Do we think we’re going to beat SG1 on longest running show?

Is David more or less intimidating than his character in real life?

"Are you sure that doesn't read 'more annoying'? asks Joe.

Does David Like being a new dad?

"it's hell.... "

"remember, kids aren't just for Christmas, they're for life," he warns.

Rachel, what’s it like being a mom for the first time?

"It's completely changed my life and my outlook on everything. I love it!"

What superpower do you wish you had in real life?

Rachel would love to be able to communicate with everybody (langauge)... David would be right all the time ("but I've practically got it (now).

Joe, is there an extreme sport you’d like to try that you haven’t yet?

Opera! (no, he didn't say that, but I couldn't resist) He wants to go to space!

And he wants to go to ten seasons of Atlantis.

Joe, do you plan on writing any more episodes and do you want to direct?

"We would love him to direct," says Hewlett.

Jewel, did you ever want to be a doctor in real life?

"No, it's too much pressure, too much hands in the blood and guts.... it's much easier to be an astrophycist." ;)

What do you love about sci-fi fans?

"The best thing about a scifi fan is that they're always loyal."

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