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Stargate Atlantis: TRIO and MIDWAY reviews **SPOILERS**

 Okay, some spoiler ridden reviews for the Stargate Atlantis episodes TRIO (last week) and MIDWAY (tonight). Under the cut so I won't get beaten silly for posting spoilers ;)

I saw it last week but never got around to commenting. I didn't love it, didn't hate it, but it was, well, okay. I missed the team - Sheppard, Ronon, Teyla (the missing folk) but did have fun with the dialogue and the light banter, but... it was a more than typical 'bottle' show with one set and not much to do in it. I think it needed giant man-eating rats to liven things up. *cough*

I'll do a 'live' commentary.

Wow, Teyla is back! And then, a gazillion ads. 

Act I - Okay, Carter addresses Teal'c's unusual hair. Ooh, Ben Cotton (Kavanagh) in the credits :):)

The meet 'n' greet between Teal'c and Ronon. I had it nailed. Grrr, says Ronon. Grr, says Teal'c. Obviously Sam is not knowledgeable in macho men and too much testerone in one room.

Okay, when all the Wraith showed up on that yellowish planet, I just thought ohmygawd, they found a use for all those bad wigs that Carter wore in SG1 ;)

Lunch - my favorite part was Sheppard coming in. He must have felt like a parent dealing with two squabbling kids.

Wow, what a bloodthirsty crowd those scientists are! While I could see Carter being the commander and breaking things up, it doesn't resolve the two men's issues, so if she'd let them have another hour or so....

"I hate you." Ah, Ronon, you're developing! :)

Ohmygawd, where's Ponytail guy's ponytail?! Geez, he still whines. Some thing's never change. Dr. Lee actually worked out pretty good in this one as although he was humorous, he also did his job well.

What? No iris on the gate??? Smacks self in head with dead trout.

Good thing Ronon's quick on the draw as everybody else just walked into it and got stunned.

Act II- Gah, that friggin' Destination Truth ad was blinding! It took out part of SHep's face. Okay, back to our two alien he-men left to save Earth. 

Okay, I knew the bearded scientist was toast. Er, food. Did anybody else NOT guess that? And Kavanagh does tend to faint a lot. And security really sorta sucks on the midway station, but then we wouldn't have a plot.

Oh, cool knockout ball!  However, I do think they should have immediately gone "blast doors up!" when a foreign object comes through.

Act III- Gah, friggin Ghost Hunters ad! Hah, those poor wraith. Pesky humans coming on board. Okay, lots of nice action. Teal'c and Ronon finally agreeing, Sheppard's look of disgust when he finds out Kavanagh fainted, and wraith overruning the station. 

The wraith, hereinafter bequeath the name of Ralph, calling Sheppard on the TV screen. And then Rodney getting all pouty that his best buddy wraith betrayed them. Of course, who knows if Ralph didn't suck the info out of Todd.

Act IV- Boy, headcount attrition sucks if you work for Sheppard.  Snort, Ronon saying "Indeed." Teal'c coveting Ronon's piece, his gun, that is...

And ohmygawd, Kavanagh shut the gate, but... he's set off the self-destruct. This will not go down well on your annual review, Dr. Kavanagh....

Ah, that new IOA guy, Cooledge, does seem like a typical bureaucrat. And somebody, prune that plant in the background!

Sheppard telling McKay to vent the atmosphere, even though he may not be survive. And McKay calling him 'John' (he's done that a bit this season, usually during very stressful times). Ah, loved when Sheppard is nearly there and Ralph attacks him. Great fight and love how they ended the scene with Sheppard just wilting on the floor. 

Ronon telling Cooledge that he wants to run and hide, fine, but Ronon's staying to kill the wraith.

And Kavanagh pushing his way to be the first on the puddlejumper. 

That was neat that Sheppard hid in the spacesuit. I hadn't seen that coming. 

Who would have thought Rodney would snap, or come close to it? He can deal with wraith but Dr. Lee and Kavanagh nattering on for lord knows HOW long, and worse, Kavanagh thinking PEARL HARBOR was a great flick? Aieee... I loved McKay's hands and "talking. talk-talk-talk!!!" and then the rescue...

Oh oh the very last scene was THE best. Ronon arrives with help, shoves Kavanagh aside, and then checks out Sheppard, who is asleep at the wheel. I just loved how Ronon poked at his nose to wake up the man. It was just so... adorable....and loved seeing Ronon grinning like an idiot. BEST SCENE!!!


Okay, Scifi SUCKS at ads. "You won't believe what happens in the last five minutes!" and then they SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS. And by the way, see, I was right, the last five minutes, but you know, whoever assembles these ads just gives away entire plots...


Okay, not the BEST review but I was actually watching it plus being slave to injured dog (gets t hrough surgery okay and then TRIPS on stairs and bangs up leg, aieeee).  But, this was a pretty good episode. And wow, TPTB listened tome. I've always wanted the Midway station blown up and they did it! Yes, Earth is no longer a hop away! Yes! (I liked the more 'survival'  type situation Atlantis had in season one). 

You know, Teal'c could have just wrung the grease gunk out of his hair and half a dozen wraith could have slipped on it and broken their necks. TPTB sure miss out on obvious plot devices ;)

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